Jimmy Hoffa, Blackened Ranch, & A Cat vs The HOA

Kathleen opens the show with a Corona Familiar tall boy and announces that she is in mourning over the trade of her beloved Kolten Wong to the Milwaukee Brewers. She places a black veil on her Fredbird beer stein and although she is appreciative of her Cardinal’s recent acquisition of superstar Third Baseman Nolen Arenado, she feels that a nod to Kolten is warranted. She then introduces the Termites to her Buc-ees Truck Stop rubber ducky. Also included, a Quest for Ranch, “Bad Good Food”, an Update on Kathleen’s Queen Court, Irish Gangs vs. Europol, Walter Mercado’s Puerto Rican Estate for Sale, more American Revolution, Robinhood vs. The Stock Market, Important Things Invented by Women, Animals Most Likely To Kill You By State, Cat Madigan vs. The HOA, Missouri Lawmaker’s Fake COVID cure, Texas Issues an Amber Alert for a Doll, Good News for Chubby Termites, Jimmy Hoffa’s Whereabouts, and What to Watch this Week.

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John Schneider, Groundhogs, Screech & Grizzly Bears

In this episode Jon & Sebastian get together and talk about Groundhog Day, the sudden passing of Dustin Diamond, and Jon’s horrible experience trying to get to Omaha.

Then they open the phone lines and play another round of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” The residual check this week is from Jon’s time on the show “Jane the Virgin”. Who won the check?

After that it’s time for “Who’s Zoomin Who” as JOHN SCHNEIDER joins the show to talk about his latest movie “Stand On It”, his new music and his CBoD oil.

And finally it’s time for “Small Town News” as a Grizzly bear chased a skier down a mountain while one horrified onlooker captured the video from a ski lift.

This episode is just a little bit more than the law will allow!

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How is Apple’s Fitness+ Shaping Up?

So, you have your usual New Year’s resolution to get in shape…and you are looking for some technology to help out. Enter Apple’s new service, Fitness+. At $9.99/month (or $29.99 as part of the highest level of Apple One subscription, which includes several other services), Fitness+ attempts to compete in a crowded fitness service market. Check out this episode as the Brothers (and our guest, Jeff Hartman) discuss how the service stacks up, and where it has fallen short. Unsurprisingly, Alan chose to play the “haven’t had a chance to try it out” role in this one.

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Sleep Study Slasher

Could a good slasher movie be made set during a sleep study?.. “That snoring is KILLING me!”

Lots of whistling, humming, and “grandma-singing”. Lucid dreams and period parties are discussed, along with some more 80s/90s trivia.

And “We Built This City” was NOT sung by REO Speedwagon.

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The Mantras

Host Andrew Moose welcomes Brian Guy Tyndall of the Greensboro, NC based jam band The Mantras. Brian and Moose talk about the band, their most recent albums “Knot Suite” & “Be the Light” and the Mantras own yearly festival, Mantrabash.

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Joe List’s First Time

Joe List and I have a ton of similarities in comedy – both of us started shortly after high school, neither one of us had any idea what were were doing, but we both knew that we loved doing stand-up comedy. We cover everything from performing in Chinese restaurants in Boston, moving to NYC, performing on all the late-night shows and appearing on Netlfix’s “The Stand-Ups.” Joe and I talk a lot of comedy and realize we have a lot in common.

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There’s a Lot of A** – Kissery Going On Around Here

Join Meredith and Dad as they celebrate the fall of the mean girls! They discuss everything from Victoria’s insane quotes, to Detective Matt and their mutual love of Abigail. Meredith and Dad even wrap up by giving their Super Bowl picks. If you have any questions please email or DM us on Instagram.

Watch ABC’s The Bachelor highlights here!

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Questionable Tuna, Short Sellers, & Pablo’s Hippos

Kathleen opens the show wearing her Logboat Brewing beanie and drinking Logboat’s Yeah Buoy in preparation for Super Bowl LV in Tampa, FL. She explains the history of the NFL in St. Louis and why she is now cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs instead of the LA Rams or the Arizona Cardinals, as well as her predictions for the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl. Kathleen continues her sporting news with an update that her Fredbird beer stein is progressing and now facing sideways after the St. Louis Cardinals recent acquisition of superstar Third Baseman Nolen Arenado. She maintains that Fredbird “refuses” to face forward until the Cardinals sign Kolten Wong for the 2021 season. Also included in this episode, ” Bad Good Food”, oops Oklahoma, militia men crumbling, celebrity Holmes, more Malaysian Flight 370, Pompeii’s Aquarium, Subway’s questionable tuna, Animals That Will Kill You By State, snowy owl spotted in Central Park, Gamestop short sellers, Pablo Escobar’s Hippos, Lizze Borden’s house is for sale, and circular runways.

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Jeff Isenhour, Moonshine Mountain Soap Co.

How much moonshine should you put in your soap? Listen to this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange as hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller are joined by Jeff Isenhour, the founder and owner of the Moonshine Mountain Soap Company, and learn about his startup and creative ways to make and sell soap. With a little moonshine! Plus, Jeff and Gary provide an update on the second iteration of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and share their small businesses of the month including student entrepreneurs and the first mobile bowling alley in the history of all mankind. It’s all here on this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange!

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The State of the Apple Watch

2021 kicks off with a new year, new format, and a guest “brother”! In this first episode of Season 2 of Brothers in Tech, the Brothers (and our ‘brother from another mother’, Jeff Hartman) discuss the Apple Watch. We cover the good, the bad, and our expectations/hopes for the future of this popular device. And guess what?  We actually keep this one under an hour! Rock on 2021!

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