Helmet Required

Join Meredith and Dad as they discuss the first week of dates for Matt’s season! They dive into Bri’s safety on her one-on-one date, Franco the photographer, and Queen Victoria. You won’t want to miss it! If you have questions for Meredith and Dad please reach out at

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Flying Cars, My Parent’s Vaccine Hunt, and the 3-Hour Revolution

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Bloody Mary and providing her overview of the first week of 2021, stating that she thinks the events this week haven’t improved the outlook of the new year. Kathleen recommends liquor and snacks to get everyone through the insanity carrying over from 2020, including the 3-hour revolution on the US Capitol, and another missing airplane. Those familiar with Kathleen’s comedy know of her obsession with missing Malaysian Flight 370, as depicted in her bit “Wrong Ocean” from her Bothering Jesus album, and Kathleen carries that enthusiasm when researching the latest commercial aircraft to “disappear.” Also included, the weekly Dolly Parton Quote and her birthday reminder,the 3 hour American Revolution, Far-Right Social Media, World Chess Hall of Fame, Lindsey Buckingham Sells His Song Catalog, Florida’s Online COVID Vaccine Scheduling, Animals Most Likely to Kill You By State, The Last Known Civil War Widow, Orlando Flying Car Hub, and What to Watch This Week!

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Todd Lyden, Director of the Bladen Community College Small Business Center

The Entrepreneur Exchange wants you to have a productive 2021, so we’re kicking the year off with Todd Lyden, Director of the Bladen Community College Small Business Center, who shares his top productivity tools with co-hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller. If you’re ready to create your own graphics or add videos to your marketing efforts, this is the show for you! Plus, the pod gives shout-outs to three small businesses this month, ranging from beer to moonshine soap to dogs…check it out on this month’s Entrepreneur Exchange!

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New Year’s in Nashville with Dusty Slay… and Squirrels Attack!

Jon talks about his recent New Year’s Eve performance in Nashville while Sebastian explains how he has been approached by a long-lost, and little-known, relative about an inheritance he’s about to receive! There’s another round of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” with someone coming awfully close to winning… but do they get the check? Dusty Slay then zooms in to talk about the Nashville performance and bad experiences at the dentist. And in “Small Town News”, aggressive squirrels in Queens are attacking people. This episode’s worth about $9.2 million dollars, all thanks to the deceased Mr. Geo Setzer.

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What a Start!

Chad and Hank are back for 2021 and in another jam-packed episode, Chad has a COVID psychosomatic experience, a Christmas and NYE quarantine, what to clean in the new year, Chad has his personal space encroached and is helped by a stranger, the Christmas decoration take down debate.. exactly how long is too long to leave up the tree? and other LIVE PODCAST EXCITEMENT!

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Tom Rhodes’ First Time

Starting 2021 off with a bang! Tom Rhodes is one of my favorite humans on the planet. He first saw live stand-up comedy when he was 12-years-old, and with the help of a fake ID, he was actively performing at 17. From Florida to L.A. and N.Y.C. to San Fran, after cutting his teeth in America, Tom began working the international circuit, tackling Ireland, Sydney, Beijing, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, and everywhere in between.

Tom and I have known each other for fifteen years, and we share a lot of memories and compliments. Crashing on my couch, his love of Philly, the New Years Day when he quit drinking, to a recent traumatic event he witnessed, Tom shares some deep thoughts and life experiences  – and in true Tom Rhodes fashion, gets some jokes out of it.

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She Overplayed the Vibrator Card

Join Meredith and Dad as they discuss the start of Matt’s season of the Bachelor! They cover Katie’s vibrator, Matt’s first kiss, and bad chess openings. How did Meredith and Dad feel about their pre-season picks? Tune in to find out! If you have any questions email them to

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The Zodiac Killer, Python Jerky, & Cryptocurrency Rises

Kathleen opens the show tasting one of her new favorite wines: a cabernet sauvignon from Haber Family Vineyards that was given to her as a Christmas present from her good friends Nancy & Mark. Also included, a quote from Dolly Parton and her 75th birthday, ” Bad Good Food”, Banksy Murals Defaced in New Orleans, Dog-Sized Lizards in the Southern US, Python Jerky, Fast Food in Pompeii, Drowning Peleton, Cryptocurrency Rises, The Zodiac Killer, and the Most Prolific Serial Killer of All Time,

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The Best of 2020, Hillbilly Elegy and “The World’s Unluckiest Man”!

In this episode, Jon & Stamos get together and talk about the movie HILLBILLY ELEGY and follow-up with a new email from Natalia, Jon’s Pen Pal from Russia. Then Jon introduces us to Roy Reep, “The World’s Unluckiest Man”. After that, they reveal some of their favorite moments of 2020 from the show. What was the Most Downloaded Interview? The Hardest a Guest has Laughed? The Most Awkward Moment? And the Hardest Jon has Laughed on the Show? Next, it’s a “Small Town News” follow-up as Cindy Applebaum zooms in to update us on her “Ministry of Silly Walks”. Then we reveal our favorite “Small Town News” story of 2020 about the woman who bit the balls of a camel in order to save her deaf dog’s life at a truck stop. After that, it’s time for “Goodwill Hunting” as Marc reads from a journal he found at Goodwill then we reveal our favorite segment from 2020 that involves a therapy cat. And finally, we unbox some Christmas gifts from super fan Samantha Dawn Kingston. This episode is like going back to the future!

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Moose’s Picks Vol.1

This year was full of great music on I’m With the Band. Host Andrew Moose discusses and shares his favorite songs from the guests on the show in 2020.

Thanks again to Midwood Entertainment and Codex Sound for being partners with I’m With Band and the MESH in 2020!

Moose’s Picks Vol.1 Includes:

Time Sawyer’s Lonely’s a Heartbreakers Dream

The Tan and Sober Gentlemen’s Cold Chicken Skin

Chatham County Line’s Station to Station

Downtown Abby & The Echoes’ Roll with Me

Big Something’s Timebomb

Darin & Brooke Aldridge’s Emmylou

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