My Dad Watches The Bachelor #4: Too Quick-y with the Kiss-y

Let’s get to the good stuff! Meredith and Dad have a very candid conversation about episode 1 of ABC’s The Bachelor. Included in this episode, their best / worst contestant entrances, feline innuendos, how to tell the Victoria’s apart, MVP of the first episode and of course some well-timed fatherly input.

Country-ish with Jon Reep #5: Drunk Alligators & Drivers Licenses

In this episode, the boys are reunited after a long holiday break. In “Small Town News” Sebastian brings us a story out of Florida about some guys forcing an alligator to drink beer. Jon and Marcus Stamos exchange gifts in “Goodwill Hunting”. In “Jon’s Journal” Jon talks about his brother Jason getting his driver’s license and how jealous he was of his IROC Z-28. Then, finally, “The Alan Jackson” gives us a movie review of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

My Dad Watches The Bachelor #3: The Cast

In this episode of MDWTB, Meredith and Dad dive into the contestant pool and review the cast of this season’s The Bachelor. First impressions, early calls, and hot takes make this one a can’t miss.

The Excursion: Central Georgia State Park Excursion

Host David Zelski embarks on a central Georgia State Park Excursion. Challenges await in the Richard B. Russell State Park for golf, a stop at Fort Yargo State Park for a historical tour and mountain biking, kayaking at the Chattahoochee River State Park (with a calf rescue!), and tree climbing at the Panola Mountain State Park. Will David complete his challenges or will his crew reap the reward? All in this episode of The Excursion!

My Dad Watches The Bachelor #2: Pilot Pete

Meredith and her Dad have a lively chat about the upcoming season of the Bachelor and it’s protagonist Pilot Pete. Join our hosts as they dive into this season’s The Bachelor before it even starts! Will Dad approve of this fellow trying to win the hearts of the Bachelor contestants or at will he at least watch?

Footcandle Films: Uncut Gems

Adam Sandler takes on a dramatic role as a scheming New York jeweler always looking for the next big score in “Uncut Gems”. Alan & Chris share their thoughts as well as some movie news highlights, trailer tapas and a soapbox segment on a CGI James Dean.

Country-ish with Jon Reep: Merry Country-ish Christmas

Live from Hickory! It’s Christmas Eve-ish! Jon and The Alan Jackson want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. They get together, “Go Live” on facebook and talk about their fondest Christmas memories, favorite Christmas movies, & debate what actually is or is not a Christmas movie. It’s a holly jolly podcast!

The Excursion: The Coastal Georgia State Park Excursion Part 2

Host David Zelski embarks on the second part of his coastal Georgia State Park adventure. Challenges await in the Reed Bingham State Park for fishing and alligator spotting, a stop at Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon, and golf at Georgia Veterans State Park. Will David complete his challenges or will his crew reap the reward? All in this episode of The Excursion!

Footcandle Films: The Rise of Skywalker

The final installment of the Skywalker Star Wars saga has made it into theaters across the country. Alan and Chris sit down and discuss the film…first without spoilers…then with ample warning they delve into specifics. Join us for this special Star Wars edition of Footcandle Films.

My Dad Watches The Bachelor #1: Meet Meredith and Dad

Welcome to the first episode of the My Dad Watches The Bachelor podcast. Meredith, dedicated watcher of the show and millennial daughter to Dad brings a fresh perspective to the long-running Tv show. Dad, not a long time listener, gives his fatherly input on the show.