The Excursion: The High-Flying Atlanta Excursion

Host David Zelski takes on a set of adventures in Atlanta, Georgia with a high-flying VIP reward ride waiting at the end if he is successful.

Entrepreneur Exchange: EE Mailbag

Summer means it’s time to break open the Entrepreneur Exchange mailbag and answer listener questions. From entrepreneur super-powers to when you should use confidentiality agreements to when it’s appropriate to bring dogs to work, hosts Jeff Neuville and Gary Muller point you down the path to entrepreneurial success. Plus, Jeff and Gary discuss how brick and mortar retailers can compete with e-commerce giants, and they share their selections for Small Business of the Month. It’s all here on this month’s episode of the Entrepreneur Exchange!


The Big Fan crew answers a couple of questions after a 2-week hiatus from the studio. How crazy can a 40-year-old bachelor party be? Why did Chad see Godzilla without Hank? And what are your 5 favorite roller coasters of all time? You don’t want to miss this Big Fan!

Fried Pod #97: Toothpaste & Tools

In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon & Alan get together with comedian John Wesley Austin. They talk about the first jokes they told on stage and try to figure out who is Steven Eddie? What NOT to do on a cruise ship, will Hickory be the new Branson, Did Jon miss his calling as an Astronomer, is “Allthow” a word, and who did Patty LaBelle buy a Bonneville for? And of course, Jon reads your emails and reveals the winners of the “Meme Me” contest.

The FORE! Cast: Will McGirt and Kevin Britt

On this episode of The Fore! Cast, host Allen Burton welcomes PGA Tour winner Will McGirt and his swing coach Kevin Britt of the Kevin Britt Golf Academy to the podcast. They discuss life on the PGA Tour and what it takes to get there.

Chick Chat: Podcasting in Pajamas

This episode, join Janette and Mary-Margaret from their remote locations! They discuss their summer woes, reboot theories, and love for Miles Teller.

Plus, recommendations on a new show you should watch – but we can’t really explain.

Also, we are pretty sure the producers of Big Brother are not listening to ChickChat – or else the show would be way more awesome than it currently is.

So, are your hosts in pajamas? Tune in to take a guess, but we’ll never tell.

The Excursion: The Savannah Excursion

Host David Zelski takes on a set of adventures in Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia with a tasty treasure awaiting at the end if he is successful.

Fried Pod #96: Magic 8 Ball

In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon reveals the winners of the latest “Meme Me” contest, shows us his latest pool scene reenactment, reads another journal entry from his high school journal back in 1989, and Shawn Setzer tells us how he got the nickname Sebastian. This one is jam packed full of surprises that will have your eyes watering.

The Excursion: The Northwest Georgia

Host David Zelski embarks on a set of adventures throughout the mountains of northwest Georgia with a horseback ride and delicious food at the end if he is successful.

Fried Pod #95: Don’t Be a Bully

It’s a star-studded episode of the Fried Pod today. We got Captain Cape AND Marcus Christian. As always we read your emails & youtube comments, we reveal the new winners of the “Meme Me” contest, read a finished poem from a fan. Then we talk about how Denzel Washington stole a movie idea from Shawn, Duffy Moon, Marc’s rental car, popsicle update, & the Bagel Boss.