Noodling, Lost Tribes, and Michigan Militia

“Gas Station or Road” Food, the Stevie Nicks Pandemic Response, a Malaysian Flight 370 Update, Facebook’s Quanon Ban, Evel Knieval vs. Disney, Noodling Crimes at Lake of the Ozarks, Cruise Ship Scraps, a Canadian Monster Shark, and the Michigan Gubernatorial Kidnapping.

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Audio and Music Services – Deep Dive #2: Home Audio Listening

Now that you have listened to our first show in the Audio series and are ready to enjoy your new music service…it’s time to look at the options for enjoying your tunes! In the first deep-dive into the world of audio, the Brothers discuss the various methods for personal listening, including an overview of the booming world of headphone technology. From over/in the ear, to noise cancellation/transparency, to Apple’s new spatial technology. And, Tim (Cook), if you are listening…which we know you are…Brian has a suggestion for the audio in your next round of tablets and phones.

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John Cho, Cobra Kai, & Will You Marry Me?

In this episode, Marcus Stamos and Jon put on their karate Gis and talk about their surprise COBRA KAI themed bachelor party for Jon’s brother. Then they take to the phone lines and play another round of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?!” Next, it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” as actor Jon Cho from HAROLD & KUMAR, STAR TREAK, & AMERICAN PIE zooms in from New Zealand to relive fun moments from the movie set. And finally, we have a live wedding proposal on the show! Intern Isiah’s Dad comes in to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage. Did she say yes? This episode has no mercy!

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The Baby Tooth

John’s a candlemaker… and has photos to prove it. Jon’s Mom’s tooth was up for sale at a yard sale, which leads to John talking about the baby tooth that’s still in his mouth. And watch the first online breakdancing competition, live on Heffron & Reep!

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Don’t Be That Guy

BIG FAN is back in business. In this packed episode, everyone had a crush on Elizabeth Shue in the ’80s, Hank wants to fight Bernie Sanders in a cage match, a Van Halen tribute, and a “Are You That Guy?” segment. Also included in this episode, BIG FAN’s #1 loyal listener gets called out on the podcast (again) and will he make an appearance? Hank and Chad talk their COVID -19 Halloween Trick or Treat strategy and more!

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Bosco and all the good dogs everywhere.

Intro / Outro music: Van Halen’s “Dance the Night Away”

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Enola Holmes Antebellum

Millie Bobbie Brown of “Stranger Things” stars in her first major film role as the title character in “Enola Holmes”. Alan & Chris review this straight to Netflix feature as well as the thriller “Antebellum” starring Janelle Monáe. In addition to the usual segments of Trailer Tapas & Sounds Like It Could Be Good??? the hosts also recap the winners of the 2020 Footcandle Film Festival that just wrapped up at the end of September.

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Ok, so who’s on the show?

Meredith and Dad are ready to dive into the men on Clare and Tayshia’s season! Listen in while they give their hot takes and decide who will be the season’s villain, top 4, and ultimate winner. Will Dad make better picks than Meredith? Only time will tell.

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A Chatty After School Special

We’ve all been there – poorly prepared for something. Sure, MM could blame it on her kids remote learning schedule or the stress of the Holiday season upon us. But in reality, she was too busy watching Nick Jonas fight MMA on Netflix to concern herself with podcast topics. 

While we may be winging it, we still find our way to important topics like After School Specials, scary movies, Janettes BB confession and MM’s recent poor parenting mishap. All this and more on the freshest of fresh Chick Chat episodes.

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Josh Gondelman’s First Time

Are Josh Gondelman and I the same person?? In this episode, we find out we have a million similarities in our early comedy influences, how we started doing stand-up, and many, many other eerie coincidences. Starting comedy in Boston, his career has taken him to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Desus and Mero. Give it a listen!

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Breakfast Tacos, Monster Gators, and the Dark Web

XFL Football Returns, “Gas Station” Food, Dolly Parton, Lakes vs. the Ocean, Qanon, The Vow, Fantasy Football Updates, and the Mystery of the Week.

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