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Safe Harbor: Celebrating 20 Years of the Goodness of God

In this episode of Safe Harbor’s Shinning the Light podcast, hosts Vicki Murray, Safe Harbor CEO, and Sarah Blanton,...

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2024 Carolina BBQ Fest Recap

What do you get when you combine some of the best pitmasters in the Carolinas with great charities and...

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The Partial Eclipse of the Heart, Idiotic TikTok’s and Residual Checks for Everyone!

Have you heard of Factor meals? Factor’s delicious, ready-to-eat meals make eating better, every day, easy. Wherever tomorrow takes...

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Episode 174: “The Boss” Awakens, Saving Casino Cats, & Debating The Marriage of Cousins

INTRO (1:07): In honor of Masters’ Week, Kathleen opens the show drinking a Calamity Jane Pilsner from Fire Maker...

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Episode 109: How to Tell Your Story

I often hear people say, “I feel like I have a story to tell.” Then, they go on to...

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Finding Peace in Adversity Through Your Spirituality Part 1 of 2

Have you ever heard that when God closes the door he opens a window? I had too, and I...

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Monkey Man

Dev Patel’s directorial debut MONKEY MAN has hit theaters and our hosts have a review. Items of movie news...

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Ted Alexandro

One of my absolute favorite comics, Ted Alexandro, returns to the podcast! We discuss performing in arenas with Jim...

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NC State Final Four, The New Roadhouse, and the “Governance of Rooting in Collegiate Athletics”

Welcome to another jam-packed edition of the CAROLINA REEPER show! Today’s episode is like a couple of Determined DJ’s...

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City Limits Barbecue Pitmaster Robbie Robinson

City Limits Barbecue combines the best of barbecue worlds – Texas and the Carolinas. In the process, pitmaster Robbie...

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Godzilla x Kong The New Empire

Everyone’s favorite city-stomping giant lizard & gargantuan ape have returned to movie screens across the country. Our hosts review GODZILLA...

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Episode 108: The Power of Resistance with Dr. Cindy Urbanski

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of connecting with a good friend, colleague, and author, Dr. Cindy Urbanski....

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