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Join Meredith and Dad as they dive into Michelle’s hometown dates. They talk about their favorite families and some...

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Bitchin’ About Covert Narcissists and “How Old is This?!?”

When you think about narcissists you probably think of those out-there “LOOK AT ME!!!” People we all roll our...

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Furnace Thieves, Yard Babies, and Thanksgiving Sides!

In this News Desk segment from the November 22, 2021 live show, The Home Pros share stories that include...

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Your Book is Already Written

In this episode of The Written Compass, Dr. Shana Hartman will share a crazy concept… Your Book is Already...

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More To Do’s For Your Fall Checklist!

In this episode, The Home Pros continue the conversation sharing what to do’s homeowners should be checking off their...

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Alphabet Soup For Caring for an Aging Adult

As we provide care for an aging loved one, we encounter lots of terms and abbreviations that can be...

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Beer Stream Wishes

In this episode Jon & Stamos get together and talk about Thanksgiving and ask listeners “what’s your least favorite...

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More Home Inspection Cuss Words!

In this episode, The Home Pros continue the conversation about certain words that might considered “inflammatory” in the Home...

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Never Gonna Give TikTok Up

Join comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep as they review John’s recent Amazon purchase, talk about the need for Artificial...

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“I’d Prefer Skinny-Dipping”

Join Meredith and Dad as they discuss Michelle’s students, Martin’s demise, and Clayton’s air time. They also talk through...

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Digital Legacy

What could be more exciting than an episode discussing the day when we permanently “leave the building” (aka, die)?  Well…an...

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Blowtorching Cobwebs, Zillow Offers, and Expensive Tiny Homes!

In this episode of The Home Pros Radio Show, a Colorado man attempts to “remove cobwebs” with a blowtorch,...

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