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Shepard Barbecue Pitmaster Brandon Shepard

Shepard Barbecue Pitmaster Brandon Shepard joins The Low & Slow Barbecue Show to talk about his business on Emerald...

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Episode 171: Cartel Timeshares, & Monster Pets Next Door

INTRO (1:30 ): Kathleen opens the show drinking a Chattahooligan Kolsch from Chattanooga Brewing Company. She reviews her weekend...

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Cam Newton Fights! Duke Falls! Florida Olympics! And Idiotic TikToks!

This episode is like a court-storming sucker punch at a sorry stampede! We talk about Cam Newton beating off...

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Drive-Away Dolls

Joel Coen (a.k.a. one-half of the esteemed Coen Brothers duo) had his solo directorial debut in 2021 with THE...

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Episode 103: A New Book Genre?

My team and I are all about supporting our clients in finding the book they want to write. We...

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Making Death a Normal Conversation with Pam Carter, End of Life Doula

Normalizing the approach to the discussion of death is important and necessary. Just as birth is a natural process, so...

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How Do I Create Structured Schedules and Habits in an Already Busy Day?

Ahhhh, structure. Isn’t there so much freedom and imprisonment in structures!! Here’s how I deal with the need for...

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RedPubPod #029 “Willis, You’ve Come a Long Way”

Hey folks, it’s that time again – new month, new author, and you guessed it, another episode of RedPubPod!...

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Fork Grove Barbecue Pitmaster Dylan Cooke

Fork Grove Barbecue Pitmaster Dylan Cooke shares all the Low & Slow details about his barbecue business in Anderson,...

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Idiotic TikToks, National Comfy Day, and Curb Your Enthusiasm!

FACTOR’s delicious, ready-to-eat meals make eating better every day easy. Wherever tomorrow takes you, be ready with pre-prepared chef-crafted...

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Episode 170: Stupid State Liquor Laws, Honoring Pop Tarts, & A Nashville Bar Crawl

INTRO (0:55): Kathleen opens the show drinking a Rock’N Vodka bloody Mary and a Bad Birdie Golden Ale from...

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Episode 102: How To Be #1 on KDP

Many folks who write a book want to be a #1 Best Seller! On KDP, this doesn’t necessarily mean...

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