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Retiring M&M’s, Zoo Breaks, & Predicting Super Bowl LVII

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Joy Bus WOW Wheat Ale from Four Peaks Brewing Co. in Tempe AZ....

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Spy Balloons, Firefighters Set Breakfast on Fire, and Goodwill Hunting!

Welcome to Episode 167 of COUNTRY-ish.  And today’s show has lots of Zoomin’, tastes like Fettuccini, and is filled...

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Brad Upton

My new best friend, Brad Upton, has the most-viewed Dry Bar comedy special, with over 200 MILLION views. After writing...

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Knock at the Tár Triangle of Sadness Cabin

The nominations for the 95th Academy Awards have been announced. Alan & Chris share their thoughts on the nominations, review...

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The Bachelor Bowl!

Join Meredith and Dad as they discuss this week’s episode of the Bachelor. They talk through the Bachelor Bowl,...

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Episode 64: Top 20 Writing Tips Part 3: Making Your Words Sing

Ok, so in our 4-part series, we are now to Part 3. You’ve gotten your words down, you have...

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Tax Planning with Sabrina Cook, CPA

Taxes for your business aren’t due…yet. This month’s Entrepreneur Exchange gets you in tax planning mode as Sabrina Cook, CPA...

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Accessibility Features

The computing devices we carry in our pockets (or use on our laps) have developed to do some amazing...

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Wet February

Dry January is over and Wet February is here! In this episode… Chad and Hank dive into how Dry...

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King of the Hill Returns, Save the Pig, and Super Bowl Predictions!

Today’s show is Bass Ackwards and hotter than a smoked pig at a Texas BBQ. What did we think...

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Running the Rocky Steps, Capone’s Shipwrecked Speakeasy, & Closing Machu Picchu

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Stacy’s Mom Citrus IPA from Philly’s Evil Genius Beer Company. She reviews her...

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My Dad Has BBE

Join Meredith and Dad as they discuss the first week of dates on Zach’s season of the Bachelor. They...

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