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Soda Taste Test, Soccer Rants, and Favorite Christmas Movies with RENO COLLIER!

Jon is joined by fellow comedian RENO COLLIER in the studio for today’s episode of COUNTRY-ish! Reno takes the Ultimate...

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A 1738 House For Sale and Race Tracks!

In this Home Pros Radio Show News Desk segment… a historic home built in 1738 in Massachusetts is on...

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A Christmas Bigfoot, Militant Turkeys, & New Benefits of Bacon

Kathleen opens the show drinking an Even Par IPA from La Quinta Brewing. She’s thrilled to review her final...

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Cyber Monday Purchases & Passes

Although we rarely need a special occasion to shop for technology…it is nice to have some extra incentive. And,...

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Episode 55: Laura Wieck, author “The BodyMind Method”

Get excited because we have a special guest today! In a world that praises and centers the brain as...

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Affordable DIY Projects!

More and more Americans have decided that they should be renovating their homes. In this episode, The Home Pros...

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Fears, Struggles and Inspirations

When their guest had to reschedule last minute, Fran and Amy take the opportunity to delve into their own...

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“She Was Just… a Yellow Flame”

Join John Heffron and Jon Reep as they talk about the Bill Murray and Seth Green incident… Plus a...

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Gas Leak!

Do you smell gas? In this episode, our hosts Tommy and Shane review what to do in case you...

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World Cup Confusion, Cornhole Controversy, Residual Checks and Dry-Docking!

What Up Bumpkins? Welcome to episode 157 of COUNTRY-ish. Today’s show is gonna be like stuffing bean bags in...

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The Bones and All Menu

With two films that center around food and eating did we miss an opportunity by not discussing them in...

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Holiday Safety Tips!

Are the holidays dangerous? In this episode of The Home Pros Radio Show, Tommy and Shane discuss safety tips...

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