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Showing Up

Join Meredith and Dad (back in studio!) as they dissect Bennett’s cockiness, the most normal one-on-one date ever, and...

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History of David Copperfield Donut King

Rags to riches stories. That's the theme of our movies reviewed in this episode. One is an adaptation of...

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Diet Turkey Season

Diet Turkey Season..What? Starting the show with a quick game of “This or That”? Reinstated quarantine makes you do some...

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Spirit Moose, A Texas Televangelist, and Smarter Monkeys

Kathleen opens the show thanking listeners for the fun feedback regarding the last episode with the Grand Termite, Ron...

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Technology for Seniors with January Brown

This episode of the Caregiver Community shares insight about current technology that is helpful for seniors and their families....

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Yoga Tights, a Bulldog Mayor, and James Gregory

In this episode, Jon and Sebastian take listener phone calls and play another game of "How Much Is That...

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Respect the Tape

Heffron describes his breathing exercise before going out on stage.Helpful tip: Don’t put your feet up on the comedian’s...

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What is … Big Fan?

Hank and Chad are back with the love for trivia TV game show hosts in their hearts. The guys...

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Josh Daniel

Josh Daniel is the hardest working man in show business. Josh is a solo artist as well as the...

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Committed to the Smokeshow

Join Meredith and her dad as they dive deep into the Chasen and Ed feud, the Grown-Ass Men challenge,...

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Chad Daniels’ First Time

Whenever people ask me who my favorite comedians are, I mention Chad Daniels every time. As comics, sometimes we...

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The Grand Termite, Tattoo Stories, and Mexican Bird Baths

Kathleen is joined by her best friend and Grand Termite comedian Ron White to discuss Whole Milk and the...

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