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I Can’t Go For That… No Can Do (with Tammy Pescatelli)

John Heffron and Tammy Pescatelli team up to talk about 80s pop music versions of Bible verses, Jon Reep‘s...

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Scientific Roaches, an Electric Squirrel, a Hungry Dog and Whiffle Ball!

In this Home Pros Radio Show News Desk segment from the June 22, 2022 live show… Cockroaches in your...

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Rich Shultis

Rich Shultis began his comedy a little later than most comics. From NY to Florida, we talk about finding...

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Episode 94: Velveeta Nail Polish, Hong Kong’s Sunken Restaurant, & A Cult In Nelly’s Crib

Kathleen opens the show drinking a St. Brigid’s Irish Lager from the Tom Crean Brewery in Ireland, which she...

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Platform vs Balloon Framing

In this episode from the June 22, 2022, live show, The Home Pros discuss the differences and pros and...

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How To Know When To Take The ‘Next Step with Your Older Parent or Loved One with Dr. Corinne Auman

Journeying with an aging loved one is a continual “dance” of taking the next steps. But, knowing what the next...

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Episode 34: Punctuation I Love

When you think of punctuation, do you roll your eyes and sigh? Do you just see it as a...

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An Attic with Dark Patches of Insulation!

In this Photo From the Field segment from the June 22, 2022 live show, dark patches in the insulation...

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Selfie Day, Ric Flair, Goodwill Hunting & Crabs get turned into Whiskey!

We have a Crabby but Styling-and-Profiling kind of show for you today! Jon’s resident “HAYSEED GEN-Z”, Intern Isaiah, and...

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RedPubPod #007 Kyra Freeman

Redhawk Publications speaks with Morganton, NC poet, Kyra Freeman. Her first poetry collection, Second Life: Poems of Re-emerging, came...

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You Would Have Looked Longer (with Raelyn Nelson)

Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep welcome singer Raelyn Nelson to the show to talk about Pond Tunes, yoga,...

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Charity Que Crew

If you’ve ever sat down with a plate of pulled pork and a group of people, you know that...

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