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Thriving Beyond Survival with Martin Gillespie

In this episode of the Unscripted Pharmacist podcast, host Kyle Rootsart sits down with Martin Gillespie, a cancer thriver...

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Ben’s Backdraft BBQ Food Truck in Western N.C.

Find out why Ben Hooper left a full-time job in the fire service to pursue his dreams as a...

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Hickory Crawdads with Kurtis, Shark Week and Idiotic TikToks!

Welcome to an all-new Carolina Reeper! This episode is like a chaotic caption this contest with Kurtis while eating...

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Episode 184: Nerds On Fire, Debating Airbnb, & The Return of Shark Week

INTRO (00:00): Kathleen opens the show drinking a Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale from Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta. COURT...

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Director Ti West and star Mia Goth have returned to the multiplex with MAXXXINE, the 3rd film in their...

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Episode 122: Share Your Story

In today’s episode, my Synergy Publishing team joins me again to share their experience as both authors in and...

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The Signs Within: Recognizing Your Limiting Beliefs

In the first episode of our transformative series, we delve into the subtle, yet powerful signs that indicate the...

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Our Favorite July 4th BBQ Recipes

As we celebrate Independence Day and the 248th birthday of the United States, The Low & Slow Barbecue Show...

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Happy Fourth of July from BIG FAN!

Happy Fourth of July from BIG FAN! In this episode, Chad and Hank get into July 4th plans and...

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Happy Birthday America!

It’s an all-new Carolina Reeper Show! This episode is where Patriotism, Performance, and Pyrotechnics, Collide in a Cacophony of...

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Episode 183: Fourth of July Fun, Alien Monoliths, & Taylor & Stevie Unite In Dublin

 INTRO (00:00): Kathleen opens the show drinking a Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale from Atlantic Brewing. She reviews her weekend...

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Kinds of Kindness

Fresh off her Oscar-winning performance in POOR THINGS, Emma Stone returns for a third time to the world of...

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