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Episode 29: Writing Challenge: How to Create Your Own

When you are a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to come up with content day after day, email after...

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Hidden in Homes!

In this episode of The Home Pros Radio Show, the hosts discuss a list of out-of-place items in houses...

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuits, She-Hulk & Saying Bald is Sexual Harassment!

We have an Angry, Voluptuous, Hairless Show for you today! Jon welcomes SUN DROP to the show and shows...

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Shane’s Surprise!

In this episode of The Home Pros Radio Show, a homeowner’s mysterious wall blemish turns out to be a...

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Start of Summer Spectacular!

BIG FAN is Back! Jump into Summer with BIG FAN’s Start of Summer Spectacular! Included in this episode, a...

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Mac Buying Guide

If you have listened to the show before, you know that we make no secret that at our core,...

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Nobody Likes That Guy!

Comedians John Heffron and Jon Reep talk about some recent gigs and early-bird comedy shows (where John was home...

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Vintage McDonalds, FRIENDS-themed House, and more!

In this Home Pros Radio Show News Desk segment from the May 11, 2022, live show… a Vintage McDonald’s...

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Chip Chantry

One of my first friends in comedy, Chip Chantry, joins me on this episode. Chip and I have a...

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Episode 28: Why Do You Write?

I LOVE writing. I LOVE teaching. I LOVE being an embodied writing coach. Why do you write or love writing? Asking...

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Roofing Maintenance!

In this Photo from the Field segment from the May 11, 2022, live show, The Home Pros discuss roof...

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Hilary Duff, Baby Formula, Larry the Cable Guy, Free Money & a 7-Year-Old Wine-Chugging at a Communion!

We have a Sweet, Sexy, Saintly Show for you today! in BEST TRENDS, Hillary Duff is in the buff...

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