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Next Goal Dumb Money Wins

Two films featuring based on true stories. That was our unintentional theme in this episode. First up we discuss director Taika...

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You’re Fired! Carolina Panthers, Dolly Parton, NC State, and My Thanksgiving Feast!

Welcome to Carolina Reeper! It’s like a PM Magazine from the Carolinas on the Crack Corn! Today’s show is...

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Swiftie University, Ghost Bagging, & Hallmark Christmas Movie Season Begins

Kathleen opens the show drinking Evan Williams Egg Nog, which is her favorite Christmas drink. She reviews her Thanksgiving...

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May December Holdovers

We’ve got a Payne/Haynes double feature on this episode with reviews of THE HOLDOVERS & MAY DECEMBER. Alexander Payne’s latest...

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Episode 94: How to Capture Your Ideas

In Episode 92 I did some fun exploring of what work and living and writing gets to look like....

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RedPubPod #026: ‘Round Here

The Ultimate Love Song to a Small Southern Town in Poetry & Photography Join us in this engaging podcast...

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BIG FAN’s of Thanksgiving

Hank and Chad are back for the 2023 Thanksgiving edition of BIG FAN. Joining our hosts today is special...

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What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor? Football, Cruise Stories and Side Dishes!

Thank you to our sponsor, EveryPlate. Hoping to budget your food expenses this holiday season?  Get more bang for...

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Thanksgiving Day Gambling, Atomic Haircuts, & Embracing Gen Z Vibes

Kathleen opens the show drinking a Florida Orange IPA from 3 Daughters Brewing. She talks about her weekend at...

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For the Love of Octopi

We’re feeling the love here on ChickChat today… maybe it’s because it’s the holiday season, maybe it’s because we...

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Connecting Through Photos: Using Photography to Engage with Those with Alzheimer’s or Other Forms of Dementia

This podcast will share how photos are beneficial in connecting with and helping loved ones reminisce, particularly those with...

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Episode 93: Gratitude Guide (That Will Support Your Writing)

Often coming up with ideas for writing is presented as this thing we don’t yet have and must come...

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