The MESH was started by North Carolina-based firm Jackson Creative, and is dedicated to providing high-quality programs to a worldwide audience.

A caveat of advertising on MESH… When your advertisement is placed on the MESH, it will be on our network in perpetuity. As long as there is the internet, your ad will be on our network!

Our hosts will also banter (positively of course!) about your company and-or product during the podcast.

Advertisements on The MESH

Each ad will be roughly 30 seconds in length and will be read on the episode either by our hosts or a professional voice actor.

MESH Network Sponsorships

You are sponsoring the entire MESH network for a desired length of time. Every time a show produces an episode on the MESH, your ad will be there. (Average of 20 shows per month, 1 ad per show. This does not include Jon Reep’s “Country-ish” podcast)

Jon Reep “Country-ish” Podcast Sponsorship

You are sponsoring the Jon Reep “Country-ish” podcast for a desired length of time. Jon Reep is a nationally known comedian, winner of “Last Comic Standing”,and Hickory, NC native. Every time the “Country-ish” podcast is produced and added to the MESH network, your ad will be there! (4 shows per month, 1 ad per show)

Single Episode Options

Your ad will be ran on one episode on the MESH. You choose the show!

Graphic Design Ad On and Social Media Placement

Jackson Creative, the MESH parent company, will create graphic design pieces for you and place them on the MESH social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website). When an episode that your ad is placed on drops on the MESH, the graphic design piece will accompany the announcement on these platforms.

Contact us at to discuss advertising options!

The MESH Lingo

Podcast – noun, /pädˌkast/ – a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. ex. The MESH is a podcast network.

Show – noun, /SHō/ – spectacle or display of something, typically an impressive one. ex. All of our shows on the MESH are impressive.

Episode – noun,/ˈepəˌsōd/ – each of the separate installments into which a show is divided. ex. Each show on the MESH are broken down by episodes.

Pre-Roll Advertisement – Ad read before the episode

Mid-Roll Advertisement – Ad read midway through the episode

Post-Roll Advertisement – Ad read at the end of the episode