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Episode 120: How to Unveil Your Voice

We have launched our Unveiling the Secrets book series… Book 2 is out later this year… in today’s episode, I want to share an excerpt from the upcoming second book and how our writing retreats inspired it!

If you aren’t in a collective, I want to make sure you know about our fall retreat happening Sept 8-12 and you are invited

Here are the core components of our retreat

  • Beautiful setting—lake, water, calm space, food is nourishing and covered
  • Opportunities—we begin together, getting grounded, setting our intention (much like Melisa’s piece described)
  • Time—to yourself, to each other, to write, to yoga, to walk, to float, to be
  • Shift in perspective—always impressed at how much gets written (like books started, books finished) in such a short amount of time
  • Your voice is encouraged—we get out of our head and into our embodied words to really find what wants to be said/shared

Send me a message @theshana_v on IG or an email at to snag your spot at our next retreat

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