Brothers in Tech

Hosted ByAlan Jackson & Brian Jackson

Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

Do you find yourself serving as the go-to “I.T.” person in your family? Or are you someone that tends to call other family members for technical support and would rather learn things on your own? Brothers in Tech is a weekly podcast focusing on home technology and provides help to the “default family IT person”. Hosted by Alan & Brian Jackson, a new topic will be discussed each month (main episode) followed by 3 weekly “deep dive” episodes (the B-sides) with additional information. Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

Your Hosts

Alan Jackson:
 Alan Jackson (the older brother) lives in works in Hickory, North Carolina as the Strategic Director of Jackson Creative and Jackson Insight.  Alan specializes in creating marketing campaigns and resources for a variety of clients as well as consulting on marketing research and satisfaction surveys.  In his free time, Alan runs a film society and annual film festival in Western North Carolina.  Alan started his technology journey at a young age, learning to program in BASIC on an Apple IIE and being one of the first people in his area to use and master the original Macintosh.  He earned extra lunch money by drawing pictures of superheroes in MacPaint and selling printouts to friends for a quarter each, officially earning him the title of the nerdiest kid at school.  Alan has always enjoyed learning new technologies and helping others incorporate tech into their everyday home and work lives.  Oh, and he is definitely the favorite child… no matter what his siblings suggest.

Brian Jackson:
 Originally from Hickory, North Carolina, Brian Jackson (the younger Brother) currently lives just outside of Portland, Oregon where he works a professor of Kinesiology at Pacific University. Academically, he is a “motor behaviorist” (studying motor skill learning and performance) who has used his passion for technology to research the use and effectiveness of a number of fitness and learning devices. He is a former coach (tennis), craft beer connoisseur (well…at least a consumer and admirer), and competitive dart player (yes…darts). Although admittedly deeply connected/invested in the Apple ecosystem, Brian enjoys finding, researching, and critiquing all types of new and creative technology solutions…and consulting others on educational and home technology practices (including trying to correct any mistakes that Alan has made with family advice). Oh, and he is definitely the favorite child…no matter what his siblings suggest.

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Raspberry Pi 

Mmmmmm….pie. They come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes…and are so...

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Remember when you would actually call someone to ask a question...

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How Sharp is the Image?

If you are tech fans like us…and we know you are,...

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The August Brothers in Tech Suggestions (BITS) Episode

Well, we made you wait long enough…it is time to bring...

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Moving Your Money

Well, if you listened to the last episode, you now know some strategies for managing your money…but what if you wanted to share that money with someone else?  Let’s say Brian wanted to send some money to Alan (yeah, this is obviously a hypothetical situation)…what is the best and most efficient way of doing that? In this episode, the Brothers discuss several services for person-to-person money transfers and the pros and cons of each. Plus, they stumble through an admittedly incomplete explanation of cryptocurrency to provide you just enough info to be dangerous.

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Personal Finance

Do you have so much money that you have a hard time keeping up with it all?  Yeah, neither do we…but, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t interested in creative ways of managing what little money we do have! In this episode of Brothers in Tech, the brothers discuss the technological advances in personal banking and budgeting. From online banking services to wealth management tools, to services that can help you find ways of saving money…we have you covered. Now…if we just had the money to take advantage of it.

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Odds & Ends

Here it is!  The episode that you have all been asking for…the Brothers (without guests) just talk, without any preparation, with no particular topic or focus.  OK, so maybe you haven’t been asking for it, but we think you might actually like the result! In this “Odds & Ends” episode, Alan & Brian discuss the latest technology ventures…from home security cameras to video projector solutions, to swimming headphones…there are some good ideas here. Plus, we play a little “what apps are on your phone home screen?” game, and see what apps we deem essential, and which we might be embarrassed about. The biggest question is whether Alan has Snapchat on the 1st or 2nd page of his phone?  You will have to listen to find out…

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Online Selling

Have a bunch of stuff that you aren’t using anymore and would like to get rid of? Well, you could have a yard/garage sale, post signs all over town, or pay for an ad in the classifieds…but that’s not very efficient, OR TECHIE! But, have no fear…the Brothers have you covered. Check out this week’s episode as Alan and Brian (yeah, just the two of them…they dropped the ball on getting a guest) discuss how to get rid of the junk in Alan’s basement through online means. From Craigslist to eBay, to Facebook Marketplace, we have you covered! And, amazingly…Alan actually had some good things to offer in this episode, so you won’t want to miss that.

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You might be thinking…isn’t camping the place where I am trying to get away from technology? Well, you are probably right, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great technological advances in the camping world that you should be aware of. In this week’s episode, we welcome back Rob Dickerson (VP of Retail Sales @ DeFeet, a cycling apparel company) as we continue our series of topics to help you make the most of your summer. From tents (yes Alan, these are still a thing)…to sleeping bags…to accessories, this episode covers the ‘must haves’ to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Once again, Alan had very little to contribute in terms of content…but he at least asked some good questions.

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In this week’s episode of Brothers in Tech, the Brothers decide to take a short break from having guests to respond to some questions/comments we have received from our listeners over the past few weeks. We discuss To-Do apps, home automation/tech, and Windows 11…as well as discuss whether Chris in Michigan is a bit delusional, a friend of Alan’s, or both. Either way, we are crossing our fingers that they were not a wealthy prospective sponsor…in which case, we loved your question!

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