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From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast.

From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast. Jon chats with local friends and celebrity guests, and has ongoing segments such as “Small Town News”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Meme Me”, and “Jon’s Journal”.


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Jon Reep is a nationally touring comedian whose contemporary country point of view has won over legions of fans in comedy clubs, on tv and in film. As a stand-up he’s built a following through his hilarious comedy specials and as the winner of NBC’s fifth season of Last Comic Standing. He can currently be seen in Netflix’s Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo and his new standup album Ginger Pain was released in March 2019 on 800 Pound Gorilla Records. Jon’s hour standup special Jon Reep: Metro Jethro and his half hour standup special both aired on Comedy Central.
Jon is also host of the popular podcast Fried on Bill Burr and Al Madrigal’s All Things Comedy digital platform. As an actor, Jon has been seen in Tig Notaro’s Amazon Series One Mississisppi, CW’s Jane The Virgin, ABC’s Black-ish, HBO’s Eastbound and Down, and as the “Hemi Guy” from Dodge’s popular ad campaign. On the big screen he appeared in the feature film Into the Storm and as the beloved “Raymus, the pot smoking farmer” in Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay.
On a nonstop tour since he burst onto the scene, Jon performs to sold-out audiences at clubs and theaters across the country.

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Wild Comedy Nights in Birmingham with Reno Collier!

Jon and Sebastian talk some NFL and Panthers football, as well as the proper use of firewood for s’mores. They then discuss some competition for the “Country-ish” show name from Netflix and their upcoming reality show. Then, it’s “Jon’s Journal” where Jon reads a letter from another one of his penpals in Russia. After that, it’s time for Reno Collier – one of Jon’s favorite funny people – to join by Zoom to discuss his early days in comedy, his influences, and some wild nights in Birmingham. Jon and Sebastian have some listener gifts to open, and then they end the show with “Small Town News” with a story about a goat that takes over a police car and eats a whole bunch of paperwork. This is one Billy Bad-Ass episode!

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Inside Pauly Shore’s New House in Vegas

In this episode, Jon and Sebastian get together and play yet another game of “How Much Is That Residual Check?” Then actor/comedian Pauly Shore joins the show to talk about his new movie “Guest House” and give us a tour of his new house in Vegas. After that, it’s “Who’s Zooming Who” with comedian Jeff Allen talking about coining the phrase “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. And finally, in “Small Town News”, a lady out of Hickman County, TN gets an ID with a photo of an empty chair instead of her face from the DMV.  This episode will have you edging the melons while wheezing the juice.

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Alonzo Bodden & the Massive Dildo Thief

In this episode, Jon and Marcus Stamos take listener phone calls and play yet another game of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” Then it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who” as Comedian Alonzo Bodden zooms in to talk about winning and judging Last Comic Standing. Next, in “Small Town News”, a man steals a massive dildo from a sex shop… and he’s still at large. And finally, the boys swap gifts in another edition of “Goodwill Hunting”. This episode moves like a heavy lightweight.

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Steve Jessup the DUI Lawnmower Guy, Shag Memes & Goodwill Hunting

In this episode, Jon and Stamos talk about the new nickname for the fans of the podcast. Should it be The Hickies or The Bumpkins? Then they play another round of “HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?” After that, it’s time for “Meme Me (or Caption This)” where Jon shows us a picture of him, his Dad, and his brother after shooting the movie “Shag” in Myrtle Beach in 1988. Who had the funniest comment or meme? Next up, it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who” as Steve Jessup (aka the “DUI Lawnmower Guy”) joins the show to talk about how to blow up shit. And finally, Jon and Marc exchange $5 gifts from Goodwill in “Goodwill Hunting.” Who gave the better gift? Make sure you “know your rights” before watching this one!

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Henry Cho, Zane Lamprey, Rattlesnakes, Handguns, Whiskey & Uranium

In this episode, Jon and Sebastian play another game of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” with a new intern and Facebook fans. Then it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” where we have two guests this episode. First up is Zane Lamprey, a comedian, actor, author, inventor, producer, and writer for television and movies. Then we have Henry Cho, a stand-up comedian, and actor. Finally, in “Small Town News” a story out of Oklahoma about a man driving stolen vehicle getting caught with a rattlesnake, handgun, whiskey… and uranium. This one is radioactive!

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Talking with Larry the Cable Guy – A Country-ish with Jon Reep Bonus Dish

Jon Reep and Larry the Cable Guy spend over an hour talking about a whole bunch of things in this special Country-ish podcast Bonus Dish!

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Larry the Cable Guy, Residual Checks, & ‘Member Me?

In this episode, Jon & Marcus Stamos take your phone calls and play another game of “How! Much! Is! That! Screen! Actors! Guild! Residual! Check?” Then they talk about their recent camping trip and experiencing an earthquake. Next, they pull out the high school yearbooks and call up old phone numbers in “Member Me?” After that, LARRY THE CABLE GUY zooms in and gives us his origin story. Finally, Jon reads the fourth and final letter from Natalie, his long-lost Russian pen pal. This one will have you asking, “did it ever get done?”

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Kyle Davis, ‘Member Me?, Caption This, & Relative Insanity!

In this episode Jon pulls out his high school yearbook and calls up people who left a phone number and wrote things like “Stay in touch!” or “Call anytime!” in another edition of “‘Member Me?” Then Jon and Sebastian take listener phone calls and call people from THEIR yearbooks. After that, Jon shows an old photo for a game of “Meme Me (or Caption This)”. Next, we get a “Popsicle Update” and actor & friend KYLE DAVIS from IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA and INTO THE STORM joins the show in “Who’s Zoomin’ Who”. And finally, the boys play Jeff Foxworthy’s card game “Relative Insanity”! This episode will drive you crazier than being held hostage in Mexico!

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Erik Griffin, Redneck Judges, Residual Checks, & Russian Letters

In this episode comedian and actor from the Comedy Central show “Workaholics”, ERIK GRIFFIN joins the show to talk about the state of comedy and becoming a professional gamer. In “Small Town News”, a Texas judge who says he runs a “redneck court” is ordered to take a race sensitivity course. Also, Sebastian and The Alan Jackson play another game of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” And, finally, in “Jons Journal” Jon reads the third letter he received from Natalie, his long lost Russian penpal from 1991. This episode is racially sensitive and non-offensive.

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Jeff Foxworthy, Russian Pen-Pal, ‘Member Me? & Goodwill Hunting

Blue Collar Comedy icon Jeff Foxworthy shares a picture of him without a mustache and talks with Jon about the state of comedy during the pandemic. Plus, “‘Member Me?” and “Goodwill Hunting”!

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