Nice Enough For Me

Big Fan is back for another exciting.. well, you’ll see who’s excited. Included in this episode, $17 concert beers, E&E Moving Co. i.e. what would you do for beer and pizza?, Hank’s take on the NC State fanbase, Halloween candy, and the Sopranos movie. Also, a whole lot of golf talk including three famous courses…

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None Too Pleased

Chad and Hank are back for another fun-filled… wait… nope, check that… Chad is on one today. Also included in this episode, Armyworms’ take over NW Hickory, results of the guy’s Fantasy Football Drafts, Statesville Moth Chompers, a Would You Rather? segment – Desert Island Edition, and concert experiences. Autolawn Party, Footcandle Film Festival, the…

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Fast Friends

Hank and Chad are back for another spirited jam-packed episode of BIG FAN! It’s back to school and the guys are talking 1st day of college jitters, Campus Tour Guides, and making fast friends. Chad and Co. headed up the mountain for the Beech Mountain Summer Concert Series, while Hank was trying not to pull a Jason Pierre Paul in his driveway playing mad scientist. Plus!… waterproof iPhones, Fantasy Football Tips, Tricks and Punishments, a Man Vs. Beast segment, new female R&B singers, and a Cruella Review!

Music included in this episode: Tedeschi Trucks Band “Keep On Growing”

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BIG FAN Olympic Spectacular

Chad and Hank return for the BIG FAN Olympic Spectacular. Joining LIVE from Tokyo Japan is BIG FAN’s own Olympic Expert and Correspondent, Will Rowland. Included in this gold medal-winning episode, obscure Olympic events, Simone Biles, US Rugby, and more! Plus! Chad and Hank officially have put their hat in the ring for 2024’s new tandem break dancing event, Hank’s Wild West Adventure, Fantasy Football Top Picks, and the BIG FAN Man vs. Beast segment!

Music included in this episode: John Williams’ Olympic Fanfare and Theme

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Sweating for the Kids

Chad and Hank are back for another jam-packed episode of BIG FAN! Included in this episode, Chad’s Innate Ability to Lose Expensive Sunglasses, Disney World Hacks and Park Pros, Crazies on a Plane, Shark or Grizzly Bear?, Summer Movies, and MLB Father / Son Duos.

Music included in this episode of BIG FAN: ZZ Top “Cheap Sunglasses”

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Monkeydust No Jinx-ies

Chad and Hank are back for a summer fun-filled episode of Big Fan! Included in this episode.. the guys discuss the baseballer Shohei “Showtime” Ohtani, the NC State Wolfpack Baseball Team’s run into the College World Series, dogs at the ballpark, Shibumi’s, Cryptocurrency, the Prince book, Disneyworld adventures, US Open recap, and why Fathers don’t get any respect.

Music included in this episode: Goose “Arcadia”

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Now “Live” and In Person!

The guys are back in the MESH studio and are pumped! Included in this episode, boo-ing kids at 5th-grade graduation, penalty kick drama in a storied Hickory Middle School rivalry, a “Deep-Thoughts with Hank” and “What Did You, Miss Most?” Segments, Orthopedic Crocs, Anniversary Serenades, Aliens confirmed by the US Government, Phil’s win at the PGA Championship (thumbs up), and DIY Fireworks…

Get well soon Tom East! This episode is for you and it’s not terrible

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All Brakes, No Gas

Chad and Hank are back for another episode of BIG FAN! Included in this episode our hosts discuss the gas shortage, Dad Math, the J-Lo relationship rollercoaster (shout out to Chick Chat), and the Paranormal Mandela Effect. Also, in a follow-up from the “I Saw the Light” BIG FAN episode in February the hosts discuss the inductees to the 2021 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, some Internet Oddities, and is the MLB coming to the Carolinas? .. Plus the return of everyone’s favorite segment, it’s back folks…Taste Buddies!

Music included in this episode: 2021 RnR HOF Inductee Todd Rundgren “Hello It’s Me”

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The Most Okayest SuperHeroes

Chad and Hank are back for another edition of Big Fan! Included in this episode, the hosts run down the most Okayest SuperHeroes known to mankind, Dude Trips, a Leonardo DiCaprio sighting, Sweet 16 Memories, Do Kids Want to Drive?, and “Is Age Just a Number?”… Let’s get to it! Here it is, BIG FAN!

Music included in this episode: Foo Fighters “My Hero”

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Hello Friends…

Hello Friends, BIG FAN is back for another magnolia and pimento cheese-filled episode. Included in this edition, Vaccination=Vacation, How did the hosts react to the 2nd COVID vaccine, and are masks forever? A Deep Thoughts with Chad segment reemerges with a rousing “Would You Rather?”… The 2021 Masters Tournament picks, the UNC Basketball coaching shakeup, and the Suez Canal incident is discussed. The podcast, unlike any other, BIG FAN!

Music included in this episode: The Masters Tournament Theme Music

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