The Most Okayest SuperHeroes

Chad and Hank are back for another edition of Big Fan! Included in this episode, the hosts run down the most Okayest SuperHeroes known to mankind, Dude Trips, a Leonardo DiCaprio sighting, Sweet 16 Memories, Do Kids Want to Drive?, and “Is Age Just a Number?”… Let’s get to it! Here it is, BIG FAN!

Music included in this episode: Foo Fighters “My Hero”

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Hello Friends…

Hello Friends, BIG FAN is back for another magnolia and pimento cheese-filled episode. Included in this edition, Vaccination=Vacation, How did the hosts react to the 2nd COVID vaccine, and are masks forever? A Deep Thoughts with Chad segment reemerges with a rousing “Would You Rather?”… The 2021 Masters Tournament picks, the UNC Basketball coaching shakeup, and the Suez Canal incident is discussed. The podcast, unlike any other, BIG FAN!

Music included in this episode: The Masters Tournament Theme Music

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BIG FAN Bracketology

Chad and Hank are back for another bracket-busting episode of Big Fan! Included in this episode, talking smack 101, the guys Coming 2 America review, a Taste Buddies segment, and the COVID vaccine. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… March Madness is back baby! Chad and Hank give the listeners a preview of their choice picks and how to win your bracket this year (maybe). This episode is one big, one shining moment.

Music in this episode: Luther Vandross’ One Shining Moment

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Chad and Hank return for another packed BIG FAN! Included in this episode, pitchers and catchers report, Tiger’s Car Accident, a loyal listener’s near death experience, Coming 2 America preview, and St. Patty’s Day traditions. It went so well the first time, Taste Buddies is back! Music included in the episode ALO’s “Maria”

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I Saw The Light!

Chad and Hank are back for another life changing podcast! Included in this episode, Hank breaks UFO news, close to home near death experiences, Super Bowl Highlights and Lowlights, Tom Brady’s Draft Day, Shutting Down the “You Can’t Do It” people, power couples and the hosts discuss the Rock and Roll and Baseball Hall of Fame nominees for this year. A new segment emerges onto the BIG FAN podcast. Get ready for ” Taste Buddies”!

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Music Featured in this episode: Carole King’s “I Feel The Earth Move”

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A Father’s Love

Chad and Hank are back for another jam packed episode of Big Fan! Included in this edition..Chad is officially a boomer (at least according to his daughters), Big Fan hate mail is addressed, new starts, dry January isn’t working out, Hank’s Hot Takes, how masks hide real emotions, the Tiger Woods documentary, and giving your kids a choice.

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Music included in this episode: Jupiter Coyote “Crazy Women”

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What a Start!

Chad and Hank are back for 2021 and in another jam-packed episode, Chad has a COVID psychosomatic experience, a Christmas and NYE quarantine, what to clean in the new year, Chad has his personal space encroached and is helped by a stranger, the Christmas decoration take down debate.. exactly how long is too long to leave up the tree? and other LIVE PODCAST EXCITEMENT!

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The 2020 BIG FAN Christmas Spectacular

Merry Christmas! Hank and Chad return for a holiday edition of Big Fan! Included in this merry episode, the “eggnog fairy” delivers?, Chad and Hank’s Christmas favorites, and Christmas trivia. Also.. the hosts share their mutual love for Village Inn Pizza buffets, a “That Was This Year?” segment, and who takes “birthday weeks”? Listen in for another jam-packed holly-jolly episode of Big Fan! Music included: Brenda Lee’s Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

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A Spaghetti-O Thanksgiving

The guys are back for another jam-packed episode of BIG FAN! Chad alone on Thanksgiving has resorted to eating Spaghetti-O’s. Hank and Chad talk 75 degree X-mas Tree hunts in Newland, NC, and teenage curfews / Chad’s all-world “spend the night out game”. Also included… Hank’s Bloody Mary tips and how the Covid-19 has impacted the NFL and Fantasy Football owners.

Music included in the episode: Time Sawyer “Lonely’s a Heartbreaker’s Dream”

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What is … Big Fan?

Hank and Chad are back with the love for trivia TV game show hosts in their hearts. The guys pay tribute to Alex Trebek and play a little Jeopardy of their own. Also included, Dads living vicariously through their children’s Christmas presents, the hosts COVID-modified Thanksgiving holiday traditions, Masters in November and Hickory’s own connections to Augusta, and ridiculous meteorologists’ names. Looking at you Larry Sprinkle. Thank you to our sponsor Time Genies! Music in the episode: Cordovas “High Feeling” Check it out here!

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