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Alabama Barbie Brawls while Dry Docking on a Pansexual River!

Today’s show is like an Alabama Barbie Brawl on a Pansexual River!

In SMALL TOWN NEWS, in Montgomery, Alabama a huge WWE-style brawl went down on a “Rifffpher” boat dock! Who won? Who lost? Who started it? We’ll get into it with a play-by-play analysis.

And my pal Marc Hunt thinks there should have been some “dry docking” going on to help things settle down.

In BEST TRENDS, Bill Maher slams the new Barbie movie and Wayne Brady announces he is a pansexual. There’s some confusion in the studio as to what that means… so we have to discuss.

And, since my pal Marc Hunt is here we’re gonna play GOODWILL HUNTING as we unbox gifts with got each other at a Goodwill.

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