Fried Pod with Jon Reep

Fried Pod #112: Jon, Justin, Chickens, and WhiteClaw

In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon is joined by local singer/songwriter, Justin Clyde Williams. This one is an emotional roller coaster. They talk about his upbringing in Bethlehem, how writing poetry with his dad in prison helped shape his music career, thoughts of suicide, sing a song about “White Claw”, and reveal a new song for the podcast. Then Shawn brings us another Small Town News segment about a guy who stole a statue of a chicken with his tractor. Finally, Jon and Marc exchange gifts from Goodwill in (Goodwill Hunting). This episode will make you laugh, cry and laugh again.

Fried Pod #111: Man Forced to Eat His Own Beard

In this episode of the Fried Pod, Shawn brings us a story about a guy who was forced to eat his own beard at knifepoint over a botched lawn mower sale. Jon reads from his high-school journal about being sick and getting sympathy from Rebecca & the 2 Jennifer’s. Also included, Jon and Marc exchange gifts from Goodwill in another Goodwill Hunting segment.

Fried Pod #110: Halloween, Walgreens & Scary Teachers

In this episode of the Fried Pod the gang gets together to talk about their fondest Halloween memories and show the video of the Walgreens Rush. Jon reads from his high school journal in “Jon’s Journal” and we hear about a high school teacher who beat up students. In the “Small Town News” segment, a story about a man impersonating a police officer pulls over a van full of cops. Also included, in a “Good Will Hunting” segment Jon and Marc exchange gifts from Goodwill. This one is scary good.

Fried Pod #109: Screamin’ & Squalin’

In this week’s episode of the Fried Pod, Jon and comedian friend Big Irish Jay Hollingsworth get together at the ATC Studios in Burbank, CA. They reveal the winners of the Meme Me /Caption This contest, read a random journal entry from Jon’s high school journal in “Jon’s Journal” and go over a small-town news story where a couple crashed their car, then was immediately attacked by bees

Fried Pod #108: Small Town Joker

In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon’s mom, Betty Reep joins the gang and gives us a movie review of the film “Joker.” Jon brings in a card game he found at a good will called “Gender Bender”. Johnny Poovey stops by to talk about the Jon Reep Cruise to Nassau. Then Shawn Setzer gives us some huge news from a small town in the “Small Town News” segment. This has attempted murder in it. All this on the newest episode of the Fried Pod!

Fried Pod #107: Kyle Troup

In this episode on the “Fried Pod”, soon to be “Local Boy Makes Good”, Jon, Alan, Marc are joined by local hero, Professional Bowler, Kyle Troup (the Bob Ross of Professional Bowling). They get together to read your emails & YouTube comments, do a Meme Me/Caption This segment and talk about Kyle Troup’s amazing career and afro. This one is a perfect Turkey.

Fried Pod #106: Walgreen’s Rush

In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon, Alan, Marc, & Shawn get together and read your emails & YouTube comments. Jon gives us a taste of the NEW theme song for the “Local Boy Makes Good” podcast. The topic of greeters at drug stores comes up which leads to a flash mob idea called #WalgreensRush. Plus what exactly is Planet fitness’s policy about Gym-timidation?

Help Jon write his new theme song!

Do stores greet you to keep you from stealing?

Gym-timidation for beginners

Fried Pod #105: Dominate the Foe!

*Explicit* In this episode Jon & Alan read an email from songwriter & author James Demarco, a YouTube comment from a guy who thinks Jon hasn’t watched a Panthers games since 2015, then Jon shows Alan a rap video from Panther Fan named Ked Woodley, it’s called “Dominate the Foe!”… The guys are joined by an old comedian pal of Jon’s Mike Speenberg. They discuss peeing in trash cans in green rooms that don’t have bathrooms, plus much much more.

Fried Pod #104: Honest Jon

In this episode of the Fried Pod, the whole gang is back again. Jon, Shawn, Marc & Alan get together and talk about the future of the podcast. Then they read your emails & YouTube comments, do a “Meme Me/Caption” This contest, & Jon reads from his high school journal. Then Shawn introduces a new segment called, “Small Town News” and talks about a Florida couple allegedly caught having sex in a patrol car after a DUI arrest on a bike! Then Marc Hunt and Jon exchange gifts from goodwill in another “Good Will Hunting”. It’s one of the best ones to date! Honestly.

Fried Pod #103: Panther Pissed

This episode of the Fried Pod is a full house. Jon, Shawn, Marc, & Alan all get together and follow up on the Big Foot sightings in North Carolina, old and new. Then they talk about snipe hunting, exchange gifts from Good Will, Jon gives his true feelings on Cam Newton, review the movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, and share their memories of September 11th.