Fried Pod with Jon Reep

Fried Pod # 94: Captain Cape & the Golden God

In this episode of the Fried Pod Jon gets together with Shawn Setzer aka Captain Cape and they reveal the winners of the “Meme Me” / “Caption This” contest. Also included! .. bad southern accents in Forrest Gump, and the return of the night club Yesterdays. It’s a pure gold, jammed packed, podcast. Pass it on.

Fried Pod #93: 4th of July’ve

In this episode Jon gets together with Marc Hunt, aka Marcus Stamos, aka the owner / operator of Marcus Christian Beauty Shop.

Fried Pod #92: Baseball Boys

In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon gets together with Alan & Moose and they read to poems from Jon’s Journal. Then talk little league baseball, minor league baseball, The new Nashville Squares on CMT, and giant sunflower seeds.

Fried Pod # 91: Chet Waterhouse

In this episode, it’s another segment of Jon’s Journal. Where Jon reads two poems from his high school journal back in 1989. One is about a fight that took place in the hallway, and the other is about wiffle ball. Then Jon shares an interview, from when he was a guest on the podcast “Play with Pain” by Chet Waterhouse. It’s an athletic action packed podcast. Listen to this one loud enough and you might get cauliflower ear. Pass it on.

Fried Pod #90: Marc Hunt, YouTube Star

In this episode of the Fried Pod, Jon shows off his new digs at the Jackson Creative Studios. Because now the Fried Pod is also a VIDEO PODCAST on YouTube. He explains the reason for the new intro song, then talks to old pal Marc Hunt. They talk about Kool Park water park, and read to poems from Jon’s Journal from High School, and relive their favorite memories from when school was canceled because of snow. Ever make a snow toilet, and use it? It’s a new classic.