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From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast.

From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast. Jon chats with local friends and celebrity guests, and has ongoing segments such as “Small Town News”, “Good Will Hunting”, “Meme Me”, and “Jon’s Journal”.


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Jon Reep is a nationally touring comedian whose contemporary country point of view has won over legions of fans in comedy clubs, on tv and in film. As a stand-up he’s built a following through his hilarious comedy specials and as the winner of NBC’s fifth season of Last Comic Standing. He can currently be seen in Netflix’s Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo and his new standup album Ginger Pain was released in March 2019 on 800 Pound Gorilla Records. Jon’s hour standup special Jon Reep: Metro Jethro and his half hour standup special both aired on Comedy Central.
Jon is also host of the popular podcast Fried on Bill Burr and Al Madrigal’s All Things Comedy digital platform. As an actor, Jon has been seen in Tig Notaro’s Amazon Series One Mississisppi, CW’s Jane The Virgin, ABC’s Black-ish, HBO’s Eastbound and Down, and as the “Hemi Guy” from Dodge’s popular ad campaign. On the big screen he appeared in the feature film Into the Storm and as the beloved “Raymus, the pot smoking farmer” in Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay.
On a nonstop tour since he burst onto the scene, Jon performs to sold-out audiences at clubs and theaters across the country.

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Drunk Zombie Airline Passengers, Fake Vaccine Cards & Rich Shydner

In this episode, Jon & Sebastian get together and talk about...

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Cam Newton, School Board Pranks and THE VOICE’S Avery Roberson!

Comedian/Actor Jon Reep and his co-host Marcus Stamos bring you this...

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Bert Kreischer, Fortune Feimster, Ginger Billy & Leanne Morgan!

Jon has had the opportunity to interview a lot of people over the past year or so for his show COUNTRY-ish… so on this week’s show we share clips from a few of our favorites.

First up, Jon chats with comedian Bert Kreischer about how great it would be to have a twin.

Next, Jon talks with comedian Fortune Feimster about how she got her name, North Carolina BBQ, and Southern accents.

Then, Jon talks with fellow redhead Ginger Billy about how he went from working in the medical field to becoming a comedian and YouTube video star.

Last but not least, Jon talks to comedian Leanne Morgan about how she got started in comedy and what her first stand-up performance was like.

It’s a deja-vu kind of episode this week on COUNTRY-ish!

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Rocky Dale Davis, Mukbanking, Meme Me and Gary Busey Fish Teeth!

In this week’s episode, Jon and Marcus Stamos get together to talk about some new studio decorations and the Val Kilmer documentary.  

Then they read viewer comments on the “Meme Me” segment where Jon posted an old photo of him as a kid with a glass of milk and a gun (‘Merica!).

Then Jon and his mother visit Mountain Fried Chicken for a new installment of “Mukbanging with Mom’osa”.  Which side item is Jon’s favorite?  And does he overcome his hatred of Coleslaw?

Then comedian Rocky Dale Davis joins the show from his garage on the “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” segment to talk with Jon about Alabama football teams, being a mascot, and his new best friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

In “Small Town News”, Jon shares a story about a fish caught in Nags Head NC with very human-like teeth… in fact, they look a lot like Gary Busey’s. And finally, in “Goodwill Hunting”, Jon and Marcus Stamos exchange gifts from a local GoodWill.  Jon receives something from the Gay Dolphin in Myrtle Beach, and Marcus receives… well, we’re not really sure what it is.

This is a finger-lickin’, milk-drinkin’, fish-lovin’ episode!

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Juston McKinny, Dancing Cowboys, Cuomo, Karens, & Florida Food Fights!

In this episode, Jon & Sebastian get together and ask their viewers “have you ever been in a food fight”? Then Jon shows some video from his weekend at Novel Taproom of a dancing cowboy.

After that, it’s time for “Best Trends” where Andrew Cuomo is resigning as governor of New York amid sexual harassment allegations, and a ‘Karen’ is called out for approaching her Black neighbor over a ‘Tigger’ flag.

Next up it’s time to play “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” Jon takes listener phone calls as they try to guess the amount of one residual check from his appearance on ‘Jane the Virgin’.

After that, it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” as comedian/actor Juston McKinney joins the show to talk about his time as a deputy sheriff and his outlaw dad.

And finally, in “Small Town News” a couple in Florida was arrested after shoving spaghetti in each other’s faces. This spicy episode will have you singing ‘That’s Amore!’

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Swingers Trailer Park, Frontier Air Fights, Cuomo, and TRISH SUHR!

In this episode Jon & Stamos talk about working with Rodney Carrington in Kentucky, Jon’s parents’ wedding anniversary, and some corrections about Simone Biles from last week’s episode. Sebastian takes over the intern spot and takes your question “Have you ever been to a Key Party?”

Then it’s time for the “Troll Patrol” as this week Jon takes aim at Delta Airlines. How do they feel about the Delta Variant?

Next up it’s “Best Trends” as Frontier Airlines is trending after an out-of-control passenger had to be duct-taped to his seat after he groped two flight attendants’ breasts and took a swing at a third. Also trending is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo as he denies sexual harassment claims detailed in state attorney general investigation.

Also on the 6th of August it’s INTERNATIONAL BEER DAY so the boys crack open a Ginger Beer from the UK named Crabbies.

After that, it’s time to give money away in “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” as Jon opens another residual check as listers try to guess the amount.

Then it’s time for “Who’s Zoomin Who?” as TRISH SUHR joins the show to talk about her recent move to Atlanta from Los Angeles, her new marriage, paper straws, and deviled eggs.

And finally in “Small Town News” a Louisiana man is creating a trailer park just for swingers with the slogan ‘Bring your house and share your spouse’. The owner of this new Swinger’s Trailer Park joins the show to talk about why he started the park and the type of people he is expecting to attract.

This is a swinging, randy, handsy episode!

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Kentucky Crime Sprees, Simone Biles, Trolling Toby Keith, and THE EXCHANGE!

In this week’s episode, Jon shares stories with co-host Sebastian about his weekend performances in Charlotte, his recent time in a dunking booth, his altercation with the Mayor of Hickory, and his new hot sauce (coming soon)! Then it’s time for the “Troll Patrol” as Jon trolls country music singer Toby Keith about his less-than-enthusiastic promotional video for his new album. In “Best Trends”, Jon and Sebastian share their thoughts on Simone Biles and her decision to drop out of the Olympics, comparisons to gymnast Kerry Strugg, and they celebrate National Whistleblower Day and National Talk in an Elevator Day. Jon gives away some of his money in “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?”  Four lucky callers selected at random get to guess the amount of one of Jon’s EASTBOUND AND DOWN residual checks for a chance to have it signed over to them. In “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”, Jon welcomes to the show both Dan Mazer, the director (BORAT, BRUNO, DIRTY GRANDPA) and writer Tim Long (THE SIMPSONS, LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN) of the new film THE EXCHANGE.  They share their personal experiences with exchange students and talk about working with Sacha and the Simpsons. Finally, in “Small Town News”, Jon shares a story about a woman trying to flee from a crime by the “Redneck Triathalon”, using a truck, then a kayak, and then a tractor to escape. It’s an Olympic-sized dunk of a show!

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Etta May, Amazon Spiders and Trolling Alan Jackson & Justin Moore

In this special episode, Jon is joined by both Marcus Stamos and Sebastian to talk about a trip to the Hickory Motor Speedway for School Bus Racing and review security camera footage from a recent criminal incident at Jon’s home.

Then it’s “Troll Patrol”! This week’s victims include country singers Alan Jackson and Justin Moore. Listen as Jon “trolls” these celebrity’ Facebook pages with some of his own comments and takes a look at other readers’ reactions.

Next up, it’s “Best Trends” as the crew discusses #BeforeWeHadGPS and “National Vanilla Ice Cream Day”.

Then it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” as comedian and entertainer ETTA MAY joins the show to talk about how she got started in comedy.

Next in “Small Town News” an Amazon delivery guy has to rescue one of his customers from a very large spider!

And finally, Stamos and Jon swap gifts from a local Goodwill in “Goodwill Hunting”! This week’s gifts include a creepy severed head!

This episode is like finding gold at the end of your country rainbow!

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49 Winchester, Goose Poop Lawsuits, and Trolling Richard Branson

In this episode Jon & Stamos get together and talk about a police chase that came through Jon’s yard, a girl teaching Stamos how to button his Hawaiian shirt and introducing the show’s new intern Wes Pitman. Then it’s time for the “Troll Patrol”! This week’s victims include Richard Branson, Morgan Freeman, Toby Keith, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Listen as Jon “trolls” these celebrity’ Facebook pages with some of his own comments and takes a look at other readers’ reactions. Next up, it’s “Best Trends”. The boys discuss “National Portfolio Day” and “National Corn Fritters Day”. After that, they open the phone lines and play “How Much is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” with callers trying to guess a check from one episode of Eastbound and Down on HBO. Then it’s “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?” as the band 49 WINCHESTER joins the show to talk about their new tour. And finally in “Small Town News” a Massachusetts woman, who slipped on goose poop, is suing a Six Flags amusement park. This episode is very Slippery and Sue Happy!

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