Dual Booting: No Dongles Required

Apple & Microsoft product announcements & the death of Vine

Dual Booting (formerly “New Stuff”): Ramblings from March 2016

This episode is coming out pretty late… so most of the news being covered in Alan and Chess’ discussion is no longer “news”. But feel free to jump in the time machine and hear what they had to say about some important tech topics before they became no longer relevant… the Apple/FBI/iPhone controversy, the March 2016 Apple Event and what to expect, experiments with VR and Google Glasses, Tesla, and much more. And, as always, Alan and Chess share their tech picks of the month.

Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)


Chess: Flowstate – Overman

Allan: Gridblock – PulseFix LLC

New Stuff: Are We Called “Dual-Booting” Now?

Alan and Chess wrestle with the biggest tech issues of the day

I’m With the Band: Henry River

Henry River a.k.a. Andy Rhoney has been writing songs for years and playing sporadic shows when he can. What keeps this local musician going? Tune in to find out what keeps Henry River’s creativity flowing and enjoy not two, not three, but four original tunes that Henry plays live in the MESH studios.

Running Time – 49 minutes

Mike is Speaking… About Family Relationships

Mike Hall is back with a discussion about family.  Everyone’s got one – all a little different… crazy aunts, wise grandpas, annoying sisters, nosey parents?  What are the struggles you face with your family?  In part one of two, Mike welcomes group of teens to discuss how you handle the stress that family can place upon all of us.  Mike is speaking about family relationships… are you listening?

For more information about Mike is Speaking, or for questions, comments and concerns, visit www.Mikeispseaking.com or become a fan at facebook.com/mikeisspeaking.

Running time:  35 minutes

I’m With the Band: Sydney Shepherd

Sydney Shepherd is a gal who likes to keep busy. Whether she’s polishing her acting chops at North Carolina School of the Arts for her work on Broadway this summer or laying down some tunes with Harold (her trusty banjo) things are always moving. Chad sits down and talks with this NC native as she preps to release a new EP of material.

O-N-E Shot: June 26th, 2012

The Observer News Enterprise news summary for June 26th, 2012.
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