Dual Booting (formerly “New Stuff”): Ramblings from March 2016

This episode is coming out pretty late… so most of the news being covered in Alan and Chess’ discussion is no longer “news”. But feel free to jump in the time machine and hear what they had to say about some important tech topics before they became no longer relevant… the Apple/FBI/iPhone controversy, the March 2016 Apple Event and what to expect, experiments with VR and Google Glasses, Tesla, and much more. And, as always, Alan and Chess share their tech picks of the month.

Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)


Chess: Flowstate – Overman

Allan: Gridblock – PulseFix LLC

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