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Chick Chat: Rock n’ Roll Monarchy

Ever wonder what music the Royal Family listen to? No? Just us? Well, we’ll give you the scoop anyway. Is Harry a Marley Fan? Charles chillin’ with the Doobie Brothers? And, clearly, Meghan is singing Chaka. Listen in as we break down this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees and match them with their Royal counterpart.
Also in this episode – celebs are handing out their cell phone numbers, MM lays down a challenge for Janette, and everything is “alright alright alright” at the University of Texas.
Curious aren’t you? Pretty sure you wanna hear this. Tune in now!

Chick Chat: Fall TV

While they’re not being paid for this YouTubeTV advertisement, ChickChat is bringing you the premium content anyway. And by premium content, we mean MM’s (very) extensive Fall TV lineup scheduled to record.
Who makes the cut? Will she add more? How will she ever keep up? Janette joins in and shows restraint by sticking to her Hulu subscription – while taking note of shows that got MM’s seal of approval.

What are you waiting for? This episode is so fast-paced you may as well call them the Gilmore Girls (which is not on her list – but only because they didn’t get to their Netflix line-ups).

Check out the shows mentioned in this episode!

Shark Tank
Below Deck
Beat Bobby FLay
Million Little Things
Million Dollar Listing
Perfect Harmony
Fighting Temptations
Almost Family
Survivor: Island of the IdolsReal Housewives of Orange County
This is Us
Bless this Mess
The Connor’s
Carol’s Second Act
Bluff City Law

Chick Chat: Let’s Get Serious

Tackling some heavy issues here on the podcast today. Don’t worry – we avoid politics and stuff like that — and of course everything has a tv show reference included, so I guess it can only get so serious… I mean IT’S JUST A TV SHOW! So, tune in and see why we, as moms, are patting ourselves on the back for this one!

Also this episode: Warrior Princess of the Month. MM reveals a big secret. 90210…2?

Chick Chat: The Not So Charming Epsiode

Buckle Up! Southern Charm, Big Brother 21, BH90210 Season 2, Bachelor in Paradise are all covered in “THE NOT SO CHARMING EPISODE”

Chick Chat: Podcasting in Pajamas

This episode, join Janette and Mary-Margaret from their remote locations! They discuss their summer woes, reboot theories, and love for Miles Teller.

Plus, recommendations on a new show you should watch – but we can’t really explain.

Also, we are pretty sure the producers of Big Brother are not listening to ChickChat – or else the show would be way more awesome than it currently is.

So, are your hosts in pajamas? Tune in to take a guess, but we’ll never tell.

ChickChat: You Are Delivered of a Podcast

We may not be on Cameo, but we’re dishing on all things Baby Archie! Tune in to the latest ChickChat only on The MESH!

Chick Chat: Many Uncomfortable Things

If you’re a child of the 80s or 90s – this may be the episode for you. Luke Perry and Nikki Sixx in one episode?

Chick Chat: Finally Something We Can All Agree On

It’s sexiest man alive day here on Chick Chat… and you can probably “hear our smiles” across the land! In other news: our Megyn Kelly predictions come true, Janette wants a royal baby playdate, Kim and Kanye get naked, MM hasn’t heard of the Purge series, and Moose is uncomfortable in booth with all this “lady parts talk”.

All this and so much more – only on Chick Chat!