Chick Chat

A Moose in the Hen House

We formally give our producer, Andrew Moose, some time on the mic to help give the “male perspective” on one of our favorite topics… BIG BROTHER! CBS has brought back an All Star season of our favorite reality game show and we break the houseguests down one by one.

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Young, Scrappy, Dark and Twisted

TV topics take the main stage of this episode! As Mary-Margaret is feeling a little bit of the pandemic blues, Janette is here to lighten the mood. Will the kids go back to school? Will celebrities give good advice? Could MM survive a night in the wilderness? Will our kids be embarrassed with our Hamilton karaoke?  Bring on the twisted family dynamics and dark fantasy – it’s the latest episode of ChickChat! 

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Be Nice and Wear a Mask!

Are you struggling for entertainment updates these days? Quarantine television got you down? ChickChat to the rescue! Janette leads off with some shocking news out of Big Brother fan-dom and the gang discusses the potential demise of Vanderpump Rules. Plus, some tips on things you can do to keep yourself occupied while you stay 6 feet away from people. Lastly, do you realize just how difficult it can be to play off each other when doing a remote podcast with no video? The girls try to wrap up the show and learn the hard way.

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Chick Chat: Bitter, Party of One

Quarantine has us doing some crazy things… like watching sports documentaries and getting a car wash. But, cutting our own hair isn’t one of them!This episode we answer burning questions like.. Will the ChickChatters tune in to “Haircut Night in America”? Will anyone watch a Tom Brady docu-series? Will Shep ever grow up? Is Tom in love with Lisa? Does Kate really know how to play bingo?Wash your hands and pour a quarantini… it’s all this and more on your favorite guilty pleasure, ChickChat on The MESH podcast network!

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Chick Chat: Soapy Stories

We get straight to the dirt.  Well, actually to the soap – then the dirt.  Soap operas, soap in the shower, and the dirty Bravo dish. Join us as we chat away while our kids figure out their homework without us. It’s ChickChat on The MESH podcast network … from east coast to the west coast! 

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Chick Chat: Look Out Betty Crocker!

Look out Betty Crocker! Here comes MM and Janette on “lockdown” and having to feed their families.  Who knew kids ate so much?  Who knew MM has a favorite stovetop burner?  Who knew your kid would request a lemon zester?  

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Chick Chat: Wash Your Hands, Dry Your Eyes

Wash Your Hands… of Alex Karev.

Dry your eyes Grey’s fans, we discuss Dr. Karev’s departure from the show and how we feel about it.  Plus, Katy Perry is having a baby, with, um… oh yeah!  Orlando Bloom!  

Plus – Coronavirus, Super Tuesday, a potential Tide sponsorship, and a family-friendly edition of “this or that”!  

What better way to spend your quarantine?  Tune in now for all this and more on the latest ChickChat podcast on The MESH.

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Chick Chat: Somebody Needs a Timeout

In the first episode of 2020, we dish (and debate) on all things Royal. And, no… not just those brothers across the pond. I mean, we do discuss them, but not ONLY them.

Here’s a cryptic breakdown:
– Being a parent
– Loving your co-hosts
– Crossing our fingers
– Waiting to see what happens.

Do you need a time out too? Grab your headphones, lock yourself in the closet, and enjoy this episode of ChickChat on The MESH.

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Chick Chat: Rock n’ Roll Monarchy

Ever wonder what music the Royal Family listen to? No? Just us? Well, we’ll give you the scoop anyway. Is Harry a Marley Fan? Charles chillin’ with the Doobie Brothers? And, clearly, Meghan is singing Chaka. Listen in as we break down this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees and match them with their Royal counterpart.

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Chick Chat: Free Publicity for YouTube TV

While they’re not being paid for this YouTubeTV advertisement, ChickChat is bringing you the premium content anyway. And by premium content, we mean MM’s (very) extensive Fall TV lineup scheduled to record.
Who makes the cut? Will she add more? How will she ever keep up? Janette joins in and shows restraint by sticking to her Hulu subscription – while taking note of shows that got MM’s seal of approval.

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