A.I.: Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep

A.I.: Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep is a podcast that takes a hilarious and light-hearted look at the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and it’s hilarious implications on stand-up comedy. Your host, actor and comedian Jon Reep, is your guide through this wild, unpredictable, and downright ridiculous journey.

Please note: An Artificial Intelligence chatbot wrote this podcast description. Yes, it’s pretty lame. Really, you need to know this show is Jon Reep talking with some of his buddies about technology, entertainment, and any other news he’s interested in. Maybe it’s funny? Maybe not. We’ll see.

New episodes on Fridays.

Pancakes, DoorDash, and Alleged Mexican Space Alien Corpses

In this episode, we ponder the mysteries of pancake perfection, where each fluffy flapjack becomes a unique universe of taste and texture. Then, we take a quantum leap into the world of DoorDash – a portal through which delicious sustenance traverses the space-time continuum to reach your doorstep. Next, we embark on a whimsical journey…

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Star Trek, Scams, Mash-Ups, and Beverly Loves Wrestling

ChatGPT describes this episode as follows: “Today we go where no podcast has gone before. From dissecting the fascinating world of Star Trek and the latest in AI regulations to unraveling scams, discussing AI-generated music, sharing telemarketing horror stories, and diving deep into the gridiron with football talk… we cover it all. So whether you’re…

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Stans, Bets, Ashoka, and AI Beverly loves Return of the Jetti

I’m in a galaxy that’s not so far, far away. And in this episode, we embark on a journey through the digital cosmos. We’ll delve deep into the mystifying realms of Twitter’s new AI-promise policy, unravel the cosmic tapestry of Star Wars lore, and decipher the enigmatic dialect of Generation Z slang. But hold on…

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Chattin’ with EVA and Talkin’ Mug Shots, Fake Boyfriends & Hurricane Names

You’re not gonna believe the hi-tech hilarity, that we’re gonna talk about on this episode! Picture this: I’m unleashing AI to whip up memes for the show – it’s like having a robot comedian, but with pixels instead of punchlines! And we’re gonna go from futuristic to funky, I’m gonna start chattin’ it up with…

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UAPs vs. WAPs, Biologics, Amber Alerts, the DAN Prompt and the History of Sliced Bread

AI describes our episode this way… In the captivating third episode of “A.I. Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep,” the irreverently insightful host embarks on a rollercoaster ride through an eclectic range of subjects. With his trademark wit, Jon breaks down the enigma of “biologics,” demystifying the term for listeners. Seamlessly transitioning, he navigates the intriguing…

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Will Comedians Go on Strike? Ultimate Actor Tom Cruise and Elon Musk’s “F Me” Money

In the second exhilarating installment of “A.I. Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep,” the charismatic host delves into a captivating array of topics that seamlessly blend entertainment and insight. From a spirited exploration of Tom Cruise’s unparalleled acting prowess to a candid confession about his aversion to subtitles in movies, Jon Reep keeps the laughter flowing….

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Can AI Write a Joke? Flying Cars, New Threads, and Broken Rollercoasters

Our AI chatbot has determined the following topics should be discussed in this first episode: Can artificial intelligence write a joke? Are flying cars finally here and ready for the general public? Are you using the new social media platform Threads? And would you ride a rollercoaster you knew had a crack in it? Join…

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