A.I.: Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep

Hosted ByJon Reep

Jon Reep takes takes a hilarious and light-hearted look at the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and it's hilarious implications on stand-up comedy

Digital Laughter, Cobie Beef, and the Future of Entertainment (with John Heffron)

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“In this episode of “Absolute Ignorance,” hosts Jon Reep, The Alan Jackson, and Coble Hartman delve into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its impact on daily life, through a mixture of humor, insightful discussions, and personal anecdotes. The conversation ventures into the realm of virtual reality, exploring the potential of VR meetings and the nuances of digital interactions. With special guest John Heffron, they reminisce about the quirks of quantum computers, the comedic potential of AI-generated content, and the future of entertainment in a digital age.”

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