A.I.: Absolute Ignorance with Jon Reep

Hosted ByJon Reep

Jon Reep takes takes a hilarious and light-hearted look at the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence and it's hilarious implications on stand-up comedy

Tech Laughs and Doomsday Preps: VR, AI, and Survival Bunkers

How would you describe this episode, ChatGPT? “This episode features Jon Reep discussing various topics with guests The Alan Jackson, Coble Hartman, and comedian John Heffron. They explore advancements in virtual reality technology, humorous anecdotes about personal experiences, and the utilization of AI in comedy and personal projects. The conversation also delves into health tips and the intriguing concept of celebrities and tech moguls preparing for doomsday with bunkers. Additionally, they humorously contemplate the implications of AI advancements and share personal stories, blending technology talk with lighthearted banter.”