Brothers in Tech

Hosted ByAlan Jackson & Brian Jackson

Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

March 2023 BiTS

It is time for the March Brothers in Tech Suggestions (BiTS) episode, and well…let’s just say the Brothers were “greased up” and ready to go. What kind of show do you get when both of the Brothers consume a few drinks beforehand? Well, you will have to watch/listen to find out. Although we are still questioning whether Alan re-gifted one of his BiTS from earlier…he certainly seems to win this battle. Some solid suggestions along with some additional tips to make your digital life more efficient…and you have yourself a show you won’t want to miss.

Alan’s Picks

  • Airbuddy ($12.99 one-time purchase…but included in the SetApp subscription): Take control of your computer peripherals (e.g., AirPods).
  • Downie ($19.99 for a one-time pass): Download YouTube videos for off-line or other uses
  • InfiniteMac (free): Website that will allow you to emulate all of the old Mac operating systems.

Brian’s Pics

  • Cityway Waterproof AirTag Dog Collar Holder ($12.98 on Amazon): Use an AirTag to keep up with your four-legged friends.
  • Motion ($19/month for individual users): A unique service that integrates your to-do list with your calendar. Pricey…but intriguing.

Your Hosts:

Alan Jackson (the older Brother) is a producer of online content with Jackson Creative and survey researcher with Jackson Insight.

Brian Jackson (the younger Brother) is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Pacific University and Product Director/Consultant at Senaptec, Inc.

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