Brothers in Tech

Brothers in Tech: Digital Assistants – Deep Dive #1: Hardware

In the first deep dive of the Digital Assistant topic, the Brothers discuss a number of hardware options for accessing your digital assistant.

Brothers in Tech 2: Digital Assistants

In the first/main episode of their second topic, the Brothers discuss and respond to some of the feedback they have received on the podcast, and provide an overview of the digital/virtual assistant technologies:

  • Cortana (Microsoft): Uhhhh….Beuler? Beuler? Not widely known/used, and recently removed from iOS and Android.
  • Alexa (Amazon): Variety of device options, relatively inexpensive, works with most skills/extensions…but not native to your phone or computer.
  • Google Home (Google): Great database of information, limited device options, works with most skills/extensions….but it is Google, and can be invasive.
  • Siri (Apple): Excellent integration across Apple devices, higher level of security…but limited home device options and expensive.

Brothers’ Advice:

  • Try using the digital assistants on your phone (apps available for each) for a few days/weeks before purchasing a device to determine which works best for you.

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Brian’s Pick = AnyList: Shopping list application (iOS and Android versions) with some cool features, including integration with your digital assistant, sorting by item type & store layout, and importing ingredients from online recipes. Free to use…but subscription for advanced features.
  • Alan’s Pick = Wolfram Alpha: Ever wondered how many grams of fat are in 10 peanut M&Ms, or what the high temperature was on October 10th, 1982? This service can provide “expert-level answers” of all sort of questions! Available through web search, web application, and mobile applications (~$3).

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Brothers in Tech: Deep Dive #3 – DIY Options

Now that you have information about live TV streaming services (Episode 1), digital media players (Episode 1.1), and other movie/content services (Episode 1.3)…are there other options for getting our TV/Media fix? In the final of three “deep dives” into the topic of Streaming Online Television, the Brothers discuss a couple of DIY options.

Brothers in Tech: Deep Dive #2 – Movie Services

OK, you have learned about how to stream live TV content (Episode 1) and the equipment you need to do so (Episode 1.1)…but what about accessing additional content? In the second of three “deep dives” into the topic of Streaming Online Television, the Brothers discuss movie/content (non-live) services.

Brothers in Tech: Streaming Online Television – Deep Dive #1: Media Players

So, we have convinced you to try a streaming television service…how do you access that subscription? In the first of three “deep dives” into the topic of Streaming Online Television, the Brothers discuss the media player options for streaming online content.

Brothers in Tech 1: Streaming Online Television

In this inaugural episode, the Brothers (Alan & Brian Jackson) discuss the pros and cons of various options/services for streaming live television, including costs, features, usability, and technical difficulty (using the familial rating scale!). The Brothers give their recommendation along with a “Pick of the Show”: