Brothers in Tech

Hosted ByAlan Jackson & Brian Jackson

Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

Computer Productivity & Efficiency Tips

Have you ever thought about all the time that you spend on your computer…not actually doing work, but rather taking steps in order to be able to do work? Want to open or switch to an application?…there is a few steps you have to take for that. Want to add bullets in a document?…there are a few clicks needed for that. Want to do some simple (or not so simple) math?…a few more steps. What if you could cut the time that each of those steps takes? In this episode of Brothers in Tech, the Brothers discuss some strategies that they use to increase their efficiency and productivity through built-in features of the computer. We are not going to guarantee that these will lead you will be more productive…but you could certainly gain a few extra minutes to listen to this podcast! In fact, we are thinking these tips could be helpful enough that we could make it a regular topic…can you say BiTEs (Brothers in Tech Efficiencies)?

Your Hosts:

Alan Jackson (the older Brother) is a producer of online content with Jackson Creative and survey researcher with Jackson Insight.

Brian Jackson (the younger Brother) is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Pacific University and Product Director/Consultant at Senaptec, Inc.

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