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Piglet Protesters & Fishermen Caught Cheatin’!

Today’s show is like a Fishy, Pink, Protesting Piglet running around Fist City!

Sad news… we lost an icon in county music today. Loretta Lynn passed away at age 90. So we remember her in the show.

In BEST TRENDS, was there a shark swimming in the streets of Fort Meyers? #Streetshark! And in last night’s Monday Night Football game a protester ran out onto the field and got slobber-knockered by a player. All to protest some piglets?

It’s time to win some more of my money on this week’s HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? This week’s check is from an episode of EASTBOUND & DOWN. How much is it? And who wins the check?

In SMALL TOWN NEWS, there’s a wild story out of Ohio about two fishermen who got caught cheating by adding weights to the insides of the fish they caught. Some outrage ensued from the discovery… can you say, Carpe Diem? Hey!

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