Brothers in Tech

Hosted ByAlan Jackson & Brian Jackson

Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

September 2022 BiTs

OK, if you listened live to last week’s show, we are sorry! Audio issues sunk the BiTs episode, which is a bummer as we had a friend of the show Bill Carrigan back with us! But, that just means we will have to bring him back for another episode…And we get a chance to do another BiTs for you. So, listen in to the replacement BiTs episode for September 2022…and you will notice that since Alan is back in control, all went smoothly. This month’s suggestions focus a bit more on home business needs but can be really useful. And as a bonus…you get to hear the difference between Alan’s real voice and the smooth radio voice he typically entertains us with.

Alan’s Picks

  • ($4.95/month for limited codes & up to 10,000 scans): An online service for creating AND TRACKING QR codes. Create, track, and even edit QR codes to connect users to webpages, documents, etc.
  • Canva (Free for limited use, $ for unlimited pro features): Online design software to create graphics with stock images, stickers, etc.

Brian’s Pics

  • Roku Voice Remote Pro ($29.99): Upgraded remote for your Roku device. Includes voice activation, private listening (headphone jack), and rechargeable batteries.
  • Tyme 3 (Free trial, then $3.99/month or $36/year): App for tracking time spent on various project. MacOS, iOS, and Apple Watch apps for starting/stopping, categorizing, and invoicing your time.

Your Hosts:

Alan Jackson (the older Brother) is a producer of online content with Jackson Creative and survey researcher with Jackson Insight.

Brian Jackson (the younger Brother) is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Pacific University and Product Director/Consultant at Senaptec, Inc.

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