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Computer Emulation

Do you ever have a need to use a computer platform other than the one that you own? Maybe you have a PC but like to occasionally dabble in Linux…or own a Mac but have a need to run a PC-only program? Well, you could go and buy a whole new second machine…or you could try and emulate that platform on your current machine. Computer emulators are programs that will use your current computer’s resources to experience other computer systems. In this episode of Brothers in Tech, Alan reviews the pros and cons of using a PC emulator on the Mac. And, spoiler alert…just to make it realistic, he has to restart the PC during the show.

Products mentioned in this episode: ParallelsVMWare FusionBootcamp

Alan Jackson (the older Brother) is a producer of online content with Jackson Creative and a survey researcher with Jackson Insight.

Brian Jackson (the younger Brother) is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Pacific University and Product Director/Consultant at Senaptec, Inc.

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