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Black-ish, International Women & a Company Pays Dog Owners to Smell Poop

In this episode, it’s International Women’s Day so Jon joins in on the global celebration to commemorate women and revisits pen pal Natalia Orlova from Ukraine.

Plus Jon decides to start his own newspapers — the Hickory Gazette and Hickory Observer.

Then in BEST TRENDS, Jon talks briefly about the Ukraine invasion and wants to know the difference between shelling & bombing.

After that, it’s time to give more money away when Jon takes listener phone calls as they try to guess HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? How much was this check for one episode of BLACK-ish?

And finally, in SMALL TOWN NEWS, a British pet food company is offering to pay dog owners to smell their dog’s poop.

This is one dog’s own smelly international episode.