Country-ish with Jon Reep

Hosted ByJon Reep

From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast.

Kentucky Crime Sprees, Simone Biles, Trolling Toby Keith, and THE EXCHANGE!

In this week’s episode, Jon shares stories with co-host Sebastian about his weekend performances in Charlotte, his recent time in a dunking booth, his altercation with the Mayor of Hickory, and his new hot sauce (coming soon)! Then it’s time for the “Troll Patrol” as Jon trolls country music singer Toby Keith about his less-than-enthusiastic promotional video for his new album. In “Best Trends”, Jon and Sebastian share their thoughts on Simone Biles and her decision to drop out of the Olympics, comparisons to gymnast Kerry Strugg, and they celebrate National Whistleblower Day and National Talk in an Elevator Day. Jon gives away some of his money in “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?”  Four lucky callers selected at random get to guess the amount of one of Jon’s EASTBOUND AND DOWN residual checks for a chance to have it signed over to them. In “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”, Jon welcomes to the show both Dan Mazer, the director (BORAT, BRUNO, DIRTY GRANDPA) and writer Tim Long (THE SIMPSONS, LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN) of the new film THE EXCHANGE.  They share their personal experiences with exchange students and talk about working with Sacha and the Simpsons. Finally, in “Small Town News”, Jon shares a story about a woman trying to flee from a crime by the “Redneck Triathalon”, using a truck, then a kayak, and then a tractor to escape. It’s an Olympic-sized dunk of a show!