Country-ish with Jon Reep

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From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast.

Red Squirrel, Mukbang-ing, Residual Checks and Bear Attacks

In this week’s episode, Jon and Marcus Stamos talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, including #HelptheBear where a young woman fights off a bear that’s about to take one of her dogs.  There’s a round of “How Much is that Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” where a listener gets to win Jon’s money!  Jon shares a MUKBANG video he did with his Mom’osa where they eat at a Japanese restaurant.  Comedian RED SQUIRREL joins Jon on Zoom to talk about her comedy beginnings and being a former teacher.  And finally Jon and Marcus exchange gifts from a local Goodwill in GOODWILL HUNTING.  This episode is so good it will make you want to push a bear!