Brothers in Tech

Hosted ByAlan Jackson & Brian Jackson

Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

The April Brothers in Tech Suggestions (BITS)

Ahhhh…the BiTs episode. What a great and creative name, BiTs (Brothers in Tech Suggestions). Wonder who came up with that? Oh yes, that was Brian…and he loves to remind Alan of it any time he can. For this episode, we give guest Mike Geraci (Digital Media professor, Pacific University Oregon) the pay-off for his hard work on the previous three episodes by being a part of this month’s BiTs show (man, what a great name…)! Check out what the Brothers are suggesting this month!

Brian’s Pick = Echo Show ($109.99 for Echo Show 8): Ok, so this one may have been used previously…but after spending a lot of time with it, it has exceeded the expectation). For those who are comfortable with the Amazon ecosystem, this is a great kitchen tool!

Mike’s Pick Apple Arcade Games ($4.99/month, or included in Apple One subscriptions): Mike brings up his experience with some of the games that he has enjoyed through the Arcade service.

Alan’s Pick Jump Desktop ($29.99 for the desktop version, but also included in SetApp subscription): Application for remote connection, control, and collaborative screen sharing for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

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