Brothers in Tech

Hosted ByAlan Jackson & Brian Jackson

Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

The State of the Apple Watch

2021 kicks off with a new year, new format, and a guest “brother”! In this first episode of Season 2 of Brothers in Tech, the Brothers (and our ‘brother from another mother’, Jeff Hartman) discuss the Apple Watch. We cover the good, the bad, and our expectations/hopes for the future of this popular device. And guess what?  We actually keep this one under an hour! Rock on 2021!

Alan Jackson is a director with Jackson Creative, a marketing content production company, and director of Jackson Insight, a survey research firm, Executive Producer of The MESH podcast network , and founder and director of the Footcandle Film Society and Film Festival. And voted most likely in school to have too many job titles in the future.

Brian Jackson is Professor of Kinesiology at Pacific University, a “motor behaviorist” (which Alan still has to look up to understand), former tennis coach and a current craft beer connoisseur.

Special guest Jeff Hartman is Professor of Exercise Science at Garner-Webb University with an interest and passion for wellness and fitness. Jeff is also the purveyor of the typewritten word… and Alan & Brian’s “brother from another mother”.

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