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From Hickory to Hollywood and back to Hickory again, Jon Reep brings his unique, Country-ish point-of-view to his weekly podcast.

Movie Producer Todd Garner, Kevin James, & NASCAR

In this episode Jon and Stamos talk about their gig at MVP. Why did Jodie sing? How did Scott bust his head open? Then they talk about how breakdancing is now an olympic sport and “Toobin” the video game.

Next up, they take listeners phones calls and play another round of “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?”

After that, Jon shares a little clip from the “Heffron and Reep” Show.

Then, Marc and Jon pull out their high school yearbooks and call people at random in “Member Me?”

Next, it’s “Who’s Zooming Who” as Hollywood Producer Todd Garner joins the show to talk about residual checks and working with Kevin James and NASCAR.

And finally, Jon and Marc Hunt unbox 5 dollar gifts from Goodwill in “Goodwill Hunting”.

This episode is 3 times the charm and totally worth it.

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