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Audio and Music Services – Deep Dive #2: Home Audio Listening

Looking for a new home audio system, or wanting to find a way to bring your coveted stereo system into the digital age? This episode is for you! In the 2nd deep-dive of our Audio series, the Brothers discuss solutions for enjoying your digital music at home…with great sound. Plus, you get to hear why Apple’s HomePod reminds Alan of a toddler? Apple lovers might need to listen to the explanation before they send hate mail.

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Brian’s Pick = Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit: If you are looking for a way to send your music to traditional speakers across the room (or outside) without running the speaker wire, this is a great solution ($120).
  • Alan’s Pick = Apple HomePod: An impressive piece of hardware (with improving software) that provides a great listening experience in a small package ($299).

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