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Audio and Music Services – Deep Dive #1: Personal Audio Listening

Now that you have listened to our first show in the Audio series and are ready to enjoy your new music service…it’s time to look at the options for enjoying your tunes! In the first deep-dive into the world of audio, the Brothers discuss the various methods for personal listening, including an overview of the booming world of headphone technology. From over/in the ear, to noise cancellation/transparency, to Apple’s new spatial technology. And, Tim (Cook), if you are listening…which we know you are…Brian has a suggestion for the audio in your next round of tablets and phones.

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Alan’s Pick = HOOXIN Airpods Case & Accessories Set: An inexpensive ($8.99) way of enhancing your Airpod experience, including a charging case cover, silicone headphone covers, and more..
  • Brian’s Pick = Wyze Headphones: Although not out yet (pre-order), we love what this company is doing, and have high hopes for this affordable ($49.99) pair of over-the-ear wireless headphones.

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