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Email – Deep Dive #3: Getting Things Done in Email

So, you have listened to the episodes regarding email features and technologies…but now you need to get down to work. In the final deep-dive into the world of email, the Brothers discuss the philosophy and workflow strategy of GTD (Getting Things Done), as it applies to email.

In addition, the “BiTs” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Alan’s Pick = Getting Things Done: A book (yes…an actual book) by David Allen with strategies/tips for being more efficient in your daily life (e.g., “stress-free productivity”). **Don’t worry…there is a digital version as well**
  • Brian’s Pick = Canary Mail: Although still not Brian’s top pick for email client (which is reserved for Spark & Outlook Mobile), this email program (MacOS, iOS, WatchOS) has some nice features, including read receipts & contact profiles that might be worth checking out (included in the SetApp subscription, or $20 each for the desktop and mobile apps).

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