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Email – Deep Dive #2: Unique Email Alternatives

Want to completely change the way you approach email? Or, prefer to burn email to the ground and start new? In this deep-dive into the world of email, the Brothers discuss some unique alternatives that are on the market and give a peek into the future of digital communications. Alternative services discussed include:

·      Hey

·      Spike

·      Slack

In addition, the “BiTs” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Alan’s Pick = Lunch Train: Slack add-on in which you can choose whether to participate or opt out of scheduling discussions (e.g., if you cannot make the scheduled event).
  • Brian’s Pick = USPS Informed Delivery: All of this talk about digital communication has given “snail mail” a bad rap…but the postal service has stepped up their game a bit by giving you the option of receiving an email showing you the mail you will be receiving that day.

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