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Email – Deep Dive #1: Creative Email Features

Although all email clients will let you create, view and reply to emails…there are some exciting features that newer apps are beginning to implement that you might want to give a try. In this deep-dive episode, the Brothers discuss some of the common problems/issues that we have with traditional email, and some of the new features that are working to solve them, including:

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Brian’s Pick = Spark: An email client (iOS, macOS, Android, **Windows version in development) with some nice features (e.g., smart inbox, calendar, snooze, teams) that you might want to give a look.
  • Alan’s Pick = MailButler: Happy with your current email client…but want some additional features?  This add-on app will add some useful extensions (e.g., email tracking, send later, notes, tasks, snooze) so you can “upgrade” your current client.

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