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Back-Up – Deep Dive #1: Local Backup Options

So, we have convinced you that however boring it might be (unless you are Alan), you need to have a solid backup strategy. What are the software options for making this happen? In the first deep-dive episode regarding data backup, the Brothers discuss the options for creating and maintaining a local backup, including:

  • Time Machine (Mac)
  • Windows Backup (Windows)
  • Others…

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Brian’s Pick = Get Backup Pro: Software (Mac only) that will allow you to customize the files, timing, and location of backup processes.$19.99 (one-time) to purchase, but also included in SetApp (subscription).
  • Alan’s PickChronoSync Express: Software (Mac only) that will allow you to synchronize two folders (where changing one will automatically change the other, backup, and scheduling. $49.99 (one-time) to purchase, but also Included in SetApp (for Mac users)

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