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Brothers in Tech: The Internet in Your Home

As many of us transition to working from home, internet access is a premium. In the main episode of their fourth topic, the Brothers discuss provide an overview of internet service, including types, costs, speeds, and most importantly…what is needed to stream from Netflix.

Brothers’ Advice:

  • Check your internet speeds at different times of the day to determine whether you are getting the speeds that you are paying for and if there are slow/fast times of the day. Although there are several options, SpeedTest is recommended.

In addition, the “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

  • Brian’s Picks (yes, he went the extra mile and provided two…)
  1. Call your internet provider to determine what internet services/offers are available for you. Be sure to check your upload speeds if you are doing a lot of videoconferencing. You may even save money!
  2. SpeedTest (app) will allow you to run the speed test from your computer/device without visiting the website AND save your test results for analysis.
  • Alan’s Pick (only one…but it is a self-proclaimed “MegaBiT”) = NetSpot is an app that will let you map your home wifi to determine where the strong/weak spots are located. Helpful when determining where to place routers/satellites/devices. $49 for a single user license, but included in SetApp subscription.

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