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Brothers in Tech: Digital Assistants – Deep Dive #3: Automation

In the final deep dive into the world of Digital Assistants, the Brothers discuss a program that allows you to enable creative integrations between your assistant and other products/services:

IFTTT (“IF Then, Then That”): A very cool database of skills/routines that can be enabled to integrate several of your services and products together.
The “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions) for this show were some of our favorite IFTTT skills:

Brian’s Picks:

When I leave my home area, turn on my security camera…
When I click a button on my phone (or arrive at my work location), enter a time log on a Google spreadsheet
If I do not receive X amount of sleep (Fitbit), brew a strong batch of coffee (wifi-enabled coffee machine)
When your Dominos pizza reaches the “delivery” status, flash your indoor lights and turn on your porch lights (Hue)

Alan’s Picks:

When I “like” a song (Spotify) or music video (YouTube), add them to a Google spreadsheet…
When I say “find my phone” to my digital assistant, trigger the Find My Phone feature of your mobile device
Anytime a file is added to my DropBox account, copy it to my Google Drive (and vice versa)
When it is raining outside, change my Hue lightbulbs to blue

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