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Whether you are the person who everyone calls for tech support, are the person who is doing the calling, or simply interested in technology…this podcast is for you!

Brothers in Tech: Digital Assistants – Deep Dive #2: Skills and Actions

In the second deep dive into the world of Digital Assistants, the Brothers discuss some of the “skills” that you can enable to get the most out of your assistant, including:

7-minute Workout: Although about 6 minutes too long for Alan, this skill can lead you through a quick workout by telling you what exercises to do, when to switch to the next exercise, etc. Available on most digital assistants (and as an app on your phone and webpage). Link for Alexa skill

You can use your digital assistant to control your harmony remote (as long as the remote is capable of being controlled through wi-fi), including turning your A/V equipment on and off, turning up/down the volume, etc.

Garage Doors: Once you have your wi-fi enabled garage door set-up, you can enable your digital assistant to open/close the door, check to see whether you left it open, etc. **There are several garage doors with this capability…but Brian has/mentioned Linear, which does not have a great app experience but works well once set up.

Pandora: Although most digital assistants have their own music services (e.g., Amazon Music), they can be programmed to play your Pandora stations.

Show “BiTS” (Brothers in Tech Suggestions):

Alan’s Pick = The Bartender: Quite possibly one of the most useful in the digital assistant library…this skill will provide you with recommendations and instructions on how to make some delicious adult beverages. Works on Alexa & Google Assistant. A double thumbs-up from the Brothers!

Brian’s Pick = AskMyBuddy: Given the ability to interact via voice (hands-free), digital assistants could be life savers for those dealing with emergencies (e.g., falls). This service allows you to assign your “buddies” that would be notified if you needed assistance. For example, you fall and cannot reach the phone, you could say “….Ask my buddy to send help!”, and AskMyBuddy will notify those that you have designated as your emergency contacts.

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