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Brothers in Tech: Deep Dive #3 – DIY Options

Now that you have information about live TV streaming services (Episode 1), digital media players (Episode 1.1), and other movie/content services (Episode 1.3)…are there other options for getting our TV/Media fix? In the final of three “deep dives” into the topic of Streaming Online Television, the Brothers discuss a couple of DIY options.

DIY options discussed:

Over the Air (OTA): Brian discusses his system for accessing and recording free OTA content. Great quality, limited channels (local networks), requires additional hardware (e.g., antenna, DVR device) & possibly some creative wiring. Check to see what signals you could access in your location:

PLEX: Alan discusses his use of a media server application/service as a way of not only streaming your personal content, but accessing TV/movie services, and even OTA content all in one place! Requires a home “server” (unless you pay for cloud storage) and significant set-up time/energy.

Brothers’ recommendation: Although these are inexpensive ways of accessing content…they are not FAMILY recommended! There is a lot of set-up involved in these solutions, and the long-term use may be limited.  But, if you don’t mind some creative tinkering, and are willing to put some money in initially to save on those monthly fees…WE SALUTE YOU!

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