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Brothers in Tech: Deep Dive #2 – Movie Services

OK, you have learned about how to stream live TV content (Episode 1) and the equipment you need to do so (Episode 1.1)…but what about accessing additional content? In the second of three “deep dives” into the topic of Streaming Online Television, the Brothers discuss movie/content (non-live) services.

Media players discussed:

Netflix: Huge library of movies/shows (maybe too many?), really good original content. $8-15/month
Amazon Prime: Decent library of movies/shows, some original content, clunky interface. ~$10/month (paid yearly…and many of you are already paying for it with Prime!).
Hulu: Some original content, but mostly focused on network shows (which you may not need if you have a streaming TV service with DVR capabilities). ~$6/month (but can be combined ESPN+/Disney+ for $13).
Apple TV+: Limited (ONLY original content…mostly shows), but good quality. ~$5/month, but free for a year with a purchase of phone/Apple TV.
Disney+: Great movie content (Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, etc!), some original content, $7/month (but can be combined with Hulu and ESPN+ for $13).
HBO Now: Solid movie/show database, known for original content. Expensive: $15/month (but can be offered as perk for AT&T customers).
Brothers’ recommendation: Amazon Prime is a no-brainer addition to a streaming TV service (e.g., YouTube TV), as you already have it if you are a Prime delivery subscriber!  Want a second movie service to complement Amazon Prime? Netflix & Apple TV+ can provide some great original content.

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