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Brothers in Tech: Streaming Online Television – Deep Dive #1: Media Players

So, we have convinced you to try a streaming television service…how do you access that subscription? In the first of three “deep dives” into the topic of Streaming Online Television, the Brothers discuss the media player options for streaming online content.

Media players discussed:

  • “Smart”/Streaming TVs: Inexpensive way of accessing content (included in most current TV’s)…but please no! Save yourself and your family from this frustrating experience!
  • Apple TV (HD or 4K versions): Expensive, very good user experience, ideal for Apple ecosystem users.
  • Roku: Various price and set-up options (~$30-75), good user experience. The best option for those not in the Apple ecosystem and/or need a less expensive option.
  • Fire TV: Inexpensive (~$25-50), but limited and clunky interface.
  • Chromecast: Inexpensive (~$35), but limited (stream from computer/mobile device, Google ecosystem). Good for those living alone who consume most content through the phone (and want to ‘beam’ content to the TV).

Brothers’ recommendation: Apple TV (if you are willing to shell out the $$) and Roku (if you want a less expensive option…and don’t mind updating your device every couple years).

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