Life as an Intern: March 13th, 2013

Hello fellow MESH lovers!

So evidently there were some great reviews on the first blog we posted! We’ll take it and thank you! My second blog post comes to you not really saying much, but being short and sweet.

Anyway, last week Nick and I were assigned to clean up/organize the studio so we did, of course. Let me tell you, the studio was in dire need of a cleaning. I felt like I was back at my hometown house, in my childhood room and having to clean 10 years worth of stuff. I am completely exaggerating, the studio was not bad at all! Although, there were these things called, TAPES? What are those!? Completely kidding, but it’s crazy to think about how technology savvy the world has advanced in the past years.

Do you think a 5 year-old would know what a VHS is? No way. What about a cassette player? Not likely. Okay, this one is reasonable…a record player!? Who are we kidding, not a chance! I’m 21 years old and I have seen a record player maybe three times in my life, I’m not helping my case either and my unnecessary rant is over, I apologize.

While I sit in my office, (the comfy couch in the basement) I’ve thought about what I’ve learned while interning at The MESH this past week:

1.     You can never have too many tripods.

2.     The life-size cardboard cutout of Queen Amidala is kinda creepy. (She stares at me through Chris’ office window.)

3.     Do NOT throw away anything that is remotely important.

4.     I learned that Nick and I have been assigned to direct/produce a Harlem Shake video for JGI & The MESH. Get ready folks.

Over and out,


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