Life as an Intern at “The MESH”

So I’ve officially been a Public Relations intern here at The MESH for about a month now. It’s been a super fun and interesting place to learn. I will be updating this blog probably once every two weeks. Nick, the broadcast intern, will hopefully join me on these post so it’s not completely one sided and we can see what he feels like saying.

I should probably tell everyone a little bit about myself so they kind of get a feel of who I am, which probably wouldn’t help anyway, but here’s the short version…

Name: Kaitlyn Burton

Age: 21

School: Lenoir-Rhyne University

Hometown: Mills River, NC

Major: Double major in Public Relations/Broadcast & Electronic Media

1 thing about myself: I’m OBSESSED with the Carolina Panthers

First let me start off by saying, everyone who I interact with every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday has been extremely welcoming and SO nice. Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn and be apart of such a cool organization.  Mary-Margaret and Alan really wanted me to focus on “getting The MESH noticed more” so that’s what my task has been this past month. What I have done is write a lot of e-mails requesting our top shows to be on different podcast websites. We are obviously on iTunesStitcher, and Windows Phone, but we have succeeded on getting The MESH on more networks. Recently “Tunein Radio”, “DoubleTwist” have added us to their website! YAY! So I will be researching more networks The MESH can hop on.

What I have learned so far while interning at The MESH:

1.     Always be ready to shout something out while someone is recording a show.

2.     Always have change to get goodies from Ron’s store. (better than a vending machine)

3.     They like to keep the bathrooms extremely tidy.

4.     What happens while recording Chick Chat, stays with who is recording Chick Chat.


Over and out,


4 comments on “Life as an Intern at “The MESH”

  1. Margaret Jackson says:

    Great job, Kaitlyn! So glad that you are helping JGI out this semester! Welcome to the Jackson Group Family!

    “Mama Jackson”

  2. Tony Jackson says:

    NICE WRITE UP, KAITLYN!!!! Creative and informative…humor always works!
    Thanks for being an intern here at JACKSON GROUP INTERACTIVE! We are proud to have you here!

    “Poppo Tony” (the old guy)

  3. Doug Stewart says:

    Nicely done Kaitlyn! I work with interns in DC and I love hearing their stories so I’m looking forward to seeing how your adventures go at The Mesh. I’m an LR grad myself and went to college with some of the good folks over there so I’m hoping you spill the dirt on the behind the scenes antics. Looks like you’re off to a good start so have fun and best wishes!

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