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Leadership GPS: Teams – Are They Really All That Important?

There can be many similarities between the business world and the sports world, especially when it comes to the concept of “teams”. What does being part of a team really mean?

Leadership GPS: Leading through the “Trash Days”

We’ve all had those “Trash Days”… days where things are not going as you’d planned, things are not working as they should, and you could find it tough to be the good leader you need to be. Tony and Alan talk about strategies for not just getting through, but also making the best of those “trash days”

Leadership GPS: Shaping Corporate Cultures

Corporate culture lessons via “Orange is the New Black”

Leadership GPS: Communicating Decisions…That You Don’t Agree With

You don’t agree — can you still be an honest leader?

Leadership GPS: Leaders and the other ‘L Word’ (Likeability!)

Tony and Alan Jackson discuss the concept of “likeability” when it comes to those in leadership positions. Some people say that for a leader to be effective, they must also be liked by their employees.

Leadership GPS: Leading Well When People Meet

As someone in a leadership position, how can we make effective use of those meetings? What should we be doing to make meetings work, and what should we avoid at all costs? Alan asks the questions, while Tony has the answers… It’s a meetings “do’s and don’ts” episode of Leadership GPS!

Leadership GPS: Hickory Young Professionals

Tony and Alan Jackson are visited by members of the Hickory Young Professionals to talk about the definition of leadership, challenges, obstacles, and communication.

Leadership GPS: The Nuts and Bolts of Feedback

As a follow up to last months episode on “Constructive Feedback”, Alan and Tony now address the “nuts and bolts” of giving feedback properly. No one really likes to give feedback – especially if it’s poor. Where should you conduct your meeting? What makes the employee feel comfortable? Things like employee feedback have the potential to de-rail you, but listen in as this father – son duo pass along some pointers and more on how to “lead well.”

Leadership GPS: Constructive Feedback

Your father-son duo, Tony and Alan Jackson, join us on our newest installment of Leadership GPS to discuss the importance of constructive feedback. We’re talking about getting rid of the more familiar term, criticism, and discussing why feedback is the essential component in building strong leaders who are invested in the success of their employees and peers. Abandoning the “sandwich approach” of complimenting, criticizing and complimenting again, Leadership GPS discusses how a straightforward discussion of constructive feedback can help shape the character, work ethic and success of those striving to reach the top.
Running Time: 57 minutes

Leadership GPS: The Dark Side of Leadership

On this episode of Leadership GPS, join your favorite father-son team as Alan and Tony Jackson discuss the dark side of leadership. Is the dark side always a bad side? Does the light side always prevail? Find out just what the Jackson combo is talking about when this duo discusses different styles of leadership, models of leadership and general concepts for those in leadership positions or those who may find themselves leading others.
Running time: 47 minutes
Tony Jackson is a leadership development consultant and coach, helping organizations turn some of their strongest people into future leaders. For more information about Tony Jackson and his leadership development programs, visit DriveLeadership at www.driveleadership.com.