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Let father-and-son program hosts Tony Jackson and Alan Jackson "guide" you on the topic of leadership. Each episode is a discussion of an aspect of leadership, how to do it right, what to avoid, and what it means for successful organizations.

Leadership GPS: Leaders and the other ‘L Word’ (Likeability!)

Tony and Alan Jackson discuss the concept of “likeability” when it comes to those in leadership positions. Some people say that for a leader to be effective, they must also be liked by their employees. Others may argue that being liked should not impact the strength of a leader since sometimes being a leader is doing things that employees may not “like”. Where do the Jackson Boys fall on this issue? And, for those leaders that wish to be “liked” by their employees, what are some things they can start doing?

Tony Jackson is a leadership development consultant and coach, helping organizations turn some of their strongest people into future leaders. For more information about Tony Jackson and his leadership development programs, visit DriveLeadership at www.driveleadership.com.

Alan Jackson is President of The Jackson Group, a survey and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, market research studies, and leadership development. Learn more about The Jackson Group at www.thejacksongroup.com.

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