I’m With the Band

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Get your front row ticket to interviews and jam sessions with up and coming bands and talent on the show "I'm With the Band".

Get your front row ticket to interviews and jam sessions with up and coming bands and talent on the show “I’m With the Band”. Local flair, raw talent, and a passion for music are what our guests bring to the table. Get a sneak peak of a performance and find out what really motivates them for success in the music industry. Follow along as we bring you the artists you want to hear… ’cause everyone has a little “groupie” in them.

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I’m With the Band: Carpal Tullar

Chris Tullar – who performs with a band under the name Carpal Tullar – joins show host Chad Austin in this month’s episode to talk about his music, recording style, and influences, as well as play a couple of tunes in the studio. Chris has not only produced several albums of his own original music, composed music for a Beatles-influenced stage performance, had a musical produced about his original songs, but also performs some of the original theme music featured on other MESH shows. Take a listen to the talented Chris Tullar in this month’s “I’m With the Band”.

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I’m With the Band: Matty Mcree

In this month’s episode, our host Chad Austin spends some time with a Nashville-based singer/songwriter with Hickory connections: local favorite Matty Mcree! Matty talks about the move to Nashville, the time he spends in the local Western North Carolina area, his songwriting process, and some of his favorite performers and influences. Plus, Matty plays us a couple of tunes from a recent album. Join us for “I’m With the Band” with Matty Mcree!

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I’m With the Band: Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators

Chad interviews Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators in this month’s episode. Katharine was a founding member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and has been produced albums ranging from jazz standards to avant-pop ever since. She describes her latest album, “Madly Love”, as a “blend of Irish blues and Southern-tinged rock”. The album is set to release in late September 2011, but we are privileged to have a conversation with Katharine and her band as well as hear some of the tracks from the forth-coming album.
To learn more about Katharine Whalen & Her Fascinators, links for her new album, or to see tour dates, visit her web site at http://katharinewhalenmusic.com.

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I’m With the Band: Burning Bright

Chad interviews the Statesville, North Carolina based rock band Burning Bright.  The band talks about their musical influences, aspirations, writing style, and answer some of Chad’s more off-the-wall questions.  The band also plays two of their songs live in the studio. 

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I’m With the Band: Run With Fear

Chad interviews the Hickory, North Carolina based rock band RunWithFear. The band discusses how they came together, some of the challenges of landing gigs, stage accidents, and their future plans. The band also plays two songs live in the studio.

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