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I’m With the Band: Run With Fear

Chad interviews the Hickory, North Carolina based rock band Run With Fear.  The band discusses how they came together, some of the challenges of landing gigs, stage accidents, and their future plans.  The band also plays two songs live in the studio.

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  1. Judy Henry says:

    I have worked with Eric, Bo and Chris for many years and know a whole lot about these guys..I love each of them, we are like family. They are really good guys and I have to say that I am so proud of them..and so impressed with their sucess..I know that they are going far., and will become famous for their efforts. I feel lucky to know them..one day I will be telling people hey I know these guys..I envision the girls wanting to touch my hand because I know the guys from Run With Fear!!! I tell them this all of the time…
    Thanks for having them on your show..I listened tonight on FB…I cried got the cold chills and just felt so proud of them all!

    Judy Henry

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