I’m With the Band

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Get your front row ticket to interviews and jam sessions with up and coming bands and talent on the show "I'm With the Band".

Get your front row ticket to interviews and jam sessions with up and coming bands and talent on the show “I’m With the Band”. Local flair, raw talent, and a passion for music are what our guests bring to the table. Get a sneak peak of a performance and find out what really motivates them for success in the music industry. Follow along as we bring you the artists you want to hear… ’cause everyone has a little “groupie” in them.

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I’m With the Band: Henry River

Henry River a.k.a. Andy Rhoney has been writing songs for years and playing sporadic shows when he can. What keeps this local musician going? Tune in to find out what keeps Henry River’s creativity flowing and enjoy not two, not three, but four original tunes that Henry plays live in the MESH studios.

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I’m With the Band: Sydney Shepherd

Sydney Shepherd is a gal who likes to keep busy. Whether she’s polishing her acting chops at North Carolina School of the Arts for her work on Broadway this summer or laying down some tunes with Harold (her trusty banjo) things are always moving. Chad sits down and talks with this NC native as she preps to release a new EP of material.

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I’m With the Band: Rick Cline

Chad’s back in the studio for something a little different. This episode of “I’m With The Band” highlights Rick Cline – Hickory’s own beat boy. From high school marching bands, to steel drums, African drumming, jazz and dance bands… Rick has “drummed” them all. Later in the show, Rick is joined by some special guests who update you on what Rick is doing these days and tell you about his latest venture. So, tune in and see what this busy musician is working on now! Lets listen in…

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I’m With the Band: Will Willis

Lenoir native Will Willis joins us in the studio for this episode of I’m With the Band. Host Chad Austin talks in-depth about recording styles, local hang-outs, and their matched admiration for Peter Gabriel. Hear about the production group Will is involved in and how he is helping to bring notice to some of the area’s unknown talent and venues. Will’s classic singer-songwriter style is showcased during his in-studio performances of a few of his original tunes. Let’s listen in…

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I’m With the Band: Yarn

In this month’s episode of I’m With The Band, your host Chad welcomes Andrew, Robert, Rod, Trevor, Blake, and Ricky – collectively known as Yarn. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this bluegrass-style band joins us in the studio to talk about life before the band and where their success has landed them now that they’re an up-and-coming musical ensemble playing all across the country. With a following that spreads coast to coast, Yarn is dedicated to bringing quality music everywhere they go.

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I’m With the Band: The Logic

On this month’s episode of I’m With The Band, the tables turn as Mary-Margaret fills in for Chad, a member of this month’s spotlight band, The Logic. From how the band got it’s name to the style and method of forming one of the Carolina’s most contemporary cover bands, join Mary-Margaret to discover what makes this local band tick. Explore the talent of The Logic and enjoy the music, conversation and good time with the band.

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I’m With the Band: Puddingstone

To help celebrate the holiday season, Chad spends some time with the band Puddingstone! Hailed as the “best kept secret in North Carolina”, this band plays a wide range of Americana such as fife and drum, Celtic, folk, New Age, Flamenco, Renaissance and even some classical. Puddingstone is a 6-7 member band including percussion, hammered dulcimer, harp and flutes, vocals, guitar, synthesizer and sometimes fiddle.
Chad interviews Dr. David Abernathy from Puddingstone, and listens to some select tracks from their recordings… including some Christmas music!
To learn more about Puddingstone, visit their web site at puddingstone.jigsy.com.

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I’m With the Band: Sanctum Sully

Asheville based band, Sanctum Sully, joins us in the studio for some toe tappin’ down south bluegrass. As they take some time away from recording their next album, we hear about their upcoming gigs, daily lives, and have a few laughs with these good ol’ boys.

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I’m With the Band: The Belfast Boys

The Belfast Boys are Alyn Mearns (guitar & vocals) and Adrian Rice (mandolin, bodhran & vocals). Mearns and Rice both hail from the Troubled streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mearns has lived in the States since his late teens, but Rice only settled in Hickory (NC) in 2005, having come to Lenoir-Rhyne College as their Visiting Writer-in-Residence. Both men have been happily ‘captured’ by lovely American brides.

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I’m With the Band: Carpal Tullar

Chris Tullar – who performs with a band under the name Carpal Tullar – joins show host Chad Austin in this month’s episode to talk about his music, recording style, and influences, as well as play a couple of tunes in the studio. Chris has not only produced several albums of his own original music, composed music for a Beatles-influenced stage performance, had a musical produced about his original songs, but also performs some of the original theme music featured on other MESH shows. Take a listen to the talented Chris Tullar in this month’s “I’m With the Band”.

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